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I’ve been an avid writer all my life and my love for fashion has always been a close second – so writing exclusive content on fashion was a very natural progression. However, I did not anticipate the challenges enroute – for one I’m almost 10 years older to my peers and it is an extremely competitive niche. Also, I have a hectic social  life and two demanding  men in my life – my husband and son, so I’m constantly struggling to find a cohesive work life balance.
However I decided to turn them around to my advantage and be focused on what I enjoyed the most.

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I realized that if one puts their mind to it, everything is possible. And it’s been a terrific year – right from being on the cover of a high life exhibition, the face of a multi designer brand, modelling for some well known city brands, some excellent top notch brand collaborations and meaningful content projects – my list continues every day and I still have the last month of this year.
I seek inspiration in everything I see and everyone I meet.
I seek inspiration in everything I see and everyone I meet. There’s tremendous talent all around and it’s just a matter of identifying it and imbibing the same. Needless to say my family and friends are an excellent support system and I’ve immense gratitude for everyone who has touched  my life at some point or the other.
I am also a practicing Buddhist of 6+ years now. I mediate and do Yoga to be self aware and focused on my goals.

Advice to others :

Follow your heart and do it whenever it asks you to. Everything falls in place eventually. Chalk your dreams, go after them every single day and remember you are the person that no one can be and that’s what makes you amazing and unique. 


I am a brand blogger dabbling in fashion, beauty and lifestyle and I love exploring new brands and sharing my experiences about them. I am in a forever quest to better myself, and spread good vibes all around!

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