I believe in achieving all those dreams that I wanted to come true

I believe in achieving all those dreams that I wanted to come true,
“Fashion is not something to be imitated or recreated, fashion is something that comes from within.”
And that is what exactly I believe in; being a lifestyle model, a fashion blogger and traveller you need to believe in the force that comes from within and creating such visuals that are curated from pure naturals and aesthetic beauty. I loved creating my own style and fashion since childhood but I started writing blogs in 2017. From personal styling to conceptualizing editorial shoots for some leading editorials, I have paved an unconventional path for myself. My passion for fashion landed me in a world of glamour, repute and sophistication. As a popular fashion and lifestyle model I am blessed to achieve the title of best fashion and lifestyle blogger of Kolkata that talks about my personal style, Indian designers and global trends.
I am always passionate about my work commitments. Apart from work, I am also a solo traveler, I gained popularity as a celebrity when my blog started getting attention and due to my flair in fashion, modeling and blogging, I won many beauty pageants along with many recognition titles. I am truly thankful for all the love and support that I have received. I am also a lifestyle model who manages to sparklingly influence marketing over social media and that’s not all, In simple terms, I am a blessed multi-talented personality who always remains zestful in life and is ready to explore all the arenas of life.

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With the blessings of all and my hard work I was crowned ‘Miss Stylish Odisha’ and also featured in a few calendars. I was also part of a reality show aired on Channel V. I was crowned as the ‘Woman for Extreme Cause’ at the Mrs Global India beauty pageant in 2016 and also featured in a Daboo Rattnani show in 2015.
Now, I am a full-time blogger on topics such as Travel, Beauty and Lifestyle, I believe that my confidence is growing with each passing day. I hold the ‘never say die’ attitude to defy the odds and move on. “My confidence is my strength”. I also influence many people who are my supporters and fans over social media, as a lifestyle model you get many followers what’s important is how to keep them always interested in you by showcasing something new every now and then.
“If we were meant to stay in one place we’d have roots instead of having feet”
Being born in Bhadrak, the glamour industry was the first choice for me but yeah as for now I have kept myself away from acting. I would like to tell you all that it’s not only modeling, travelling and blogging, I have been passionate about dancing and I love animals more than humans!!
As a lifestyle model, beauty and fashion blogger I have successfully collaborated with many renowned brands like gucci, Daniel Wallington, Daisy dixton,, brand factory, Vlcc, Harley Davidson and many such reputed and well established brands are on my list.
I would love to work with many such brands in future, as a lifestyle model and fashion blogger I aim at establishing and extending my social media presence with all the continued love and support that my friends and fans give me not only over social media but personally as well.
 “If we were meant to stay in one place we’d have roots instead of having feet”.
When it comes to traveling, I am totally a wanderlust girl who has started her travel journey from one city to another and gone to one country to another. I believe that if we were to live at one place then we would have had roots ant not feet that can walk! For me travelling is like feeding my wanderlust. From being a model to a solo traveler, I have tried everything which gives a woman a sense of freedom and independence. I have travelled across the length and breadth of the country- from Rajasthan to the North East and from the neighboring West Bengal to the pristine Kerala. My recent international trip to Thailand has prompted me to travel more, and the United Kingdom will be soon my next destination.

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For all the women who love to travel but are hesitant, I have one amazing advice, “Research well and travel alone to overcome your fear. The sense of being alone is another way of rediscovering yourself.”
My life is pure curation of my beliefs, values, ethics, choices and of course my own personal style which stands independent and out from others, as an individual I believe in achieving all those dreams that I wanted to come true, fortunately with the grace of god and my immense consideration and commitment I am already living a lot of them! My dreams and my lifestyle  make me proud of myself.

Priya Priyambada


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