your dreams will find runway,

When you have big dreams then your dreams will find runway to takeoff to the skies one day

Hello everyone ! I am Ankisha Aggarwal. I am fashion, beauty, technical ,travel and a food blogger. You can say that I want to showcase my life through the lense of my camera. I was average kind of a student in my school and college days and belongs to business class family background. After my college i wanted to do something different like which is not related to 9 to 5  or i can say that i never wanted to work on fixed hours.
I always wanted to work something out of the box.Being an expressive person i wanted to have something which actually relates me so that i can enjoy my work rather than work under the pressure. So i started in the run of finding some work because i don’t know why i always want to support my family in terms of financial and emotional terms.
In the middle of the race I found something that we called trading of jewellery , bags and many more. I did lot of hard work but things didn’t work out at that way i wanted . I was kind of depressed at that time but i never loose hope , while finding some work again i started doing my masters in business administration and when my neighbour and relatives used to ask me ” MBA ke baad kya kroge”.

I always wanted to travel around the world and experience the different colours of the world.
I couldn’t answer them because i was still in the race of finding my future plans in between during that stage of my life i started doing net surfing & saw many bloggers doing blogging in different ways and i felt that they kind of relate to me as i always wanted to travel around the world and experience different colours of the world.
I took a decision to do blogging but when you take a decision it is not the decision of yours, it is the decision of your family as well. And within a second my father said no, as he didn’t want me to showcase me publicly but i did not stop  myself to watch blogging.
And after trying again and again finally i managed some how to convince my family to start blogging .
My only wish to make my parents proud one day and one thing which i want to mention that one person who was always stood by my side and still she is and that person is my mother . She is my super hero.


No matter what you are struggling in your life, if you have dreams in your eyes then nobody can stop you to achieve heights but Never Ever loose hope

Ankisha Aggarwal

blogger-BEAUTY| food| Tech |Travel ❇
Nature lover🌻

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Dream Quotes

The path from dreams to success does exist. May you have the vision to find it, the courage to get on to it, and the perseverance to follow it.
— Kalpana Chawla


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