Start Small Dream Big

Start Small Dream Big,

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Here’s why I am here, today I am writing this piece in the hopes of being a source of inspiration if 2018 has not been great for you! Today, I want to share what I had envisioned for myself in the beginning of 2018 and how far I’ve come along. I’ll briefly share a couple of strategies used to achieve my goals. Let’s discuss further, below is the checklist that I recall drawing out, a couple of days after Christmas in ’17.

What I want to Achieve in 2018 Checklist

  • Meet the Top Five participants from Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1
  • Be in a YouTube Workshop/Convention held in Singapore
  • Travel to Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Sign up for a min. of Two MasterClass Workshops (Makeup Artistry)
  • Host a Motivational/Makeup Workshop for a non-profit organization
  • Surpass 9,000 subscribers on my YouTube Channel
It’s the 11th Dec ’18 today and I am pleased to share that I have achieved five out of the six goals! Yaay! As you can see some goals require a lot more patience and resilience that requires riding tough waves. YouTube is a different story altogether, I shall reserve it for another post.
Start Small Dream Big
For the fulfilled goals, I had decided to work on at least two of them in every quarter. I have a dedicated post explaining quarterly planning and is up on my Blog, feel free to check it out.
But here’s the gyst, prepare in advance. Research about your goals;
– Who had/has a similar goal like yours?
– How did they go about achieving?
– What about those who didn’t?
– What did they do wrong?
– How would you execute differently?
– What’s the worse could happen?
– What are you afraid of?
– What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your goals?
– How soon can you get started?
– How many steps/processes are involved in this goal fulfillment?
While this part may be disheartening, it’s about conditioning your mind to a clear and concise focused pathway. You get my drift?
Most importantly, whatever you set your little heart on and hold the determination to get to it. You are basically unstoppable! If there is one takeaway, this will have to be it!
Start Small Dream Big

There are definitely some personal decisions made to become a Stay at Home Mum/Blogger/YouTuber/Influencer unfortunately too little people understand the importance of one’s sanity. It can be indeed a hard pill to swallow, I knew for a fact that I did not want to be once again be confined to the walls of an office cubicle, with corporate wear and the mundane office hours. I craved for something more, a profession that allows me to wear outfits and makeup according to my mood.

Every pro was once an amateur. Every expert was once a beginner so dream big and start now
I dreamt for long to work from a coffee joint, of my choice and enjoy sipping a novelty coffee beverage and slow downing a decadent rich chocolate cake! Resist the temptation to dream, it can be a big cloud of vague fluff with no directions and no hand holding. Instead, build a door and slowly open up to find a world of opportunities that did not involve luck but your sheer hard work!
One last thing;
“Every pro was once an amateur. Every expert was once a beginner so dream big and start now”.
I hope this post serves to be of use to one of you! Happy Holidays!

Shanthi Arumugam

Shanthi embarked on her content creation on the YouTube platform in 2013 after transitioning to a SAHM to care for her newborn. Based in Singapore, she found a strong interest for creating online content about Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle.
Former BeautyBoundAsia National Finalist in 2015 has had opportunities for
collaborative projects such as an interview segment with MediaCorp's Tamil Division for Vizhigal, Season 2 Ep 1 as a responsible web content creator.


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