Never Give Up

Never Give Up,

I have seen people giving up on other things. Be it giving up on people, any thing that they want or even their dreams. They have this tendency of not trying hard enough to make something work. Maybe it’s because they lack the courage to face the consequences of trying again and failing, again. But when you try, you learn. And what can be better?

Give time to every emotion. Feel every feeling. That is what makes you alive.

I think what’s important is to keep moving. Whether you know where you have to go or not, just don’t stop. Don’t make yourself stuck. There will be situations in life, many in fact, where you’ll feel that nothing is going right and you feel lonely, depressed, confused all other negative emotions. Don’t run from these emotions. Just like joy, pleasure, satisfaction and happiness are emotions and feelings, these are too. Is it necessary to be happy all the time? Give time to every emotion. Feel every feeling. That is what makes you alive. If you are sad, feel sad. Cry. If you are angry, feel it. It is okay to feel hurt and miserable. Why do you have to continuously try to put these feelings of sadness away?

Again, what’s important is not to get stuck. Stuck with that emotion, stuck in that situation. There’s this saying, “If you feel like crying, then cry out a river. But then build a bridge and get over the river.” So feel what you need to feel but don’t let that feeling consume you too much that you can’t move forward and achieve what you deserve.

Everyone dreams of living a life that they aren’t living right now. Something better, something fascinating. I also want to move many levels up in my life. I want to do something that makes a difference, in my life. In a positive manner. In a manner that I feel is positive.

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When I was a kid, I was good at painting. I won many painting and drawing competitions. Colours, sketchbooks, pencils, brushes, everything fascinated me so much. I felt that adrenalin rush just by looking at these stationery. I thought of becoming an artist. That was my dream if I call it so. But as I grew older, the pressure of studies and exams made me choose between my passion and my studies. I was good academically too, but my passion lied in painting. That made me happy. I felt that no one is better than me in that particular field, and if someone is, I have the potential to beat them. That is what you call being wholeheartedly inclined towards something. I didn’t feel the same for academics. There was no favourite subject. I studied just because I had to, not because I wanted to.

But sadly, I chose studies. I started to prioritise studies over painting. Less brushes, more pens. Less sketchbooks, more registers. And the worst part, I did not choose studies over painting under any pressure from my parents or anyone else.

It was me who made that decision. Maybe I feared the failure. That what if I am not able to succeed with my painting. That what if it doesn’t make any difference and I have to live a life just similar to what I am living right now. I thought about all this just as a kid. Years passed and I somewhat lost that skill because I did not polish it all these years. But somewhere down I still had that inclination. I was not as enthusiastic about it as I was before, but it wasn’t completely gone. It was still there in me. That desire to paint. I started regretting that I neglected my talent and my passion. Nothing seemed good. I felt gloomy and hopeless. But then I decided to stop regretting because I can’t change the past. But I can take hold of my present and shape the future. So then I picked up my colours and started painting again. I do it for myself and no one else. I do it without the fear of failure.

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I am happy that I realised it and started with it again. I also had this fascination for fashion, trends and styles. So recently I have started my fashion blog as well. With this creative edge, I am trying to take it forward.

So I think that’s what everyone should do, be fearless and NEVER GIVE UP.

Ishita Kumar

I am 21, learning how to take life as it is while not letting the difficult winds put off the curious fire inside me.

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  • It’s great to not give up but then there may be a problem in how you’re pursuing them. Don’t give up in the race but there are other paths to the finish line.

    I agree with letting your emotions flow and not get stuck in them. Great post.

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