Thank You Universe

Thank You Universe,

I have always been prompted to acknowledge my weakness as a matter of fact that ‘I am not perfect and yet such imperfections are what defined me’. First of all, allow me to introduce myself, I’m Lishen, from Malaysia, a marine engineering student (with extraordinary talents yet to unleash!). To begin with, I was basically from a moderate middle-class family (in which meeting ends meet could be a major debatable issue in the house). I did had the stuttering problem (which means that it would take time for me to pronounce anything that starts with ‘S’ and ‘T’) and was an academically ‘poor’ student in my school. These forms of extremities have always been a great hurdle for me to understand the reality of my life and onto what I am about to achieve in my future. It is still fresh in my mind on how people tend to belittle my way of speaking (since most of the times I have slurred speech and with lower self-esteem, the level of portrayal are quite definitive). People tease me for being ‘stupid’, not active in sports and its completely shameful for me to even face people. As a result, it has caused me to become very much anti-social and I was very uncomfortable to even make new friends.

With all being said, at the age of 16, this is my favorite moment of my entire life. To define this experience, I would say ‘it’s a loop of tumultuous revelations and with underlying revolution taken place’. My very own best friend, Sharwesh (who is still my best buddy and was always there to stand up for me), have put in a lot of effort to understand the ‘actual me‘. He was also more of like a mentor any guy would love to be with. I’m sure many of you might question; ‘well, what has he done in your life?’. He encourages me to speak up and be bold enough to face obstacles (it doesn’t matter if I stutter in the middle of the sentence). Thanks to my friend, my ‘sluggish speech patterns’ came to a resolved stigma which eventually paves the way for me to join national level debate competition. I shine like an azure horizon (with my unique style of debating), I did also won state-level public speaking and any competition related to speech.

With music, I can express myself more

Also, I am a multi-instrumentalist (which means that I can play more than one instrument with my majoring in Piano, followed by the bass drum and now concurrently learning the flute). With music, I can express myself more. Since I have successfully overcome my stage fright, I was also able to perform music instrument in front of huge state (I performed playing multiple instruments during my college days). Besides, being a network marketer, I would also love to thank my friend, Thivya (who is my leader) which allows me to earn passive income and I have proven to many of them that ‘it’s all about taking the risk that matters’. Having a deep passion for modeling, fashion and acting, I am taking all the necessary efforts of one day becoming an international brand ambassador.

At the end of the day, what I have learned in my life is; it is ok to fail but always make sure to give in your maximum effort for everything you are engaging. From someone which people profusely proclaim as a ‘nerd, unworthy, weak, and ugly’, I am very proud to say that now I am ‘intelligent, rich, strong (I have become more active in swimming and attending the gym) and an inspiring leader. Just as my supportive sister used to tell me, all of us are indeed in our way, it is just that many people are undeniable only good for making excuses rather than executing them!

Lishanthan Kumar

Yup, I’m just another Instagram influencer.
Entrepreneur | Multi-instrumentalist | Writer | Merchant Navy

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