Live to choose life by your own!

Live to choose life by your own!,

Hey Everyone!!

So, let’s start my own story on achieving my dreams and still chasing for some more! But before that let me give you all a brief introduction of myself. This is Samhita, currently staying in Bangalore of age 23, just started to know the outer home life with a lot of Dreams running through my Mind and always a hope to accomplish them.

So when I was in my high school days, I was very much fascinated about the Virtual yet real deciphering life in YOUTUBE. I always dreamt of being more in trends with the upcoming fashion sense and be a MODEL in front of the Camera and also start with my own YOUTUBE channel. But when I came to Bangalore, it was for a different purpose i.e. for seeking a good corporate job, as we all know being from a middle class family, we always prioritize on a Comfortable Life settlement with a regular monthly wages to get paid. While for myself I always dreamt of being a Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger. In this way I tend to influence people all over the world to live their own life and be glad and satisfied for whatever they do and still dream to achieve more and more for their HAPPINESS.

YOU need to get out of your COMFORT ZONE to achieve your dreams and never ever give up!

In those hectic schedules of giving interviews and running behind jobs, I suddenly realized that I have almost forgot my real passion, THE REAL ME! And then one fine morning a ray of hope came to my life, when one of my friend suggested on the features, resources and publicity of INSTAGRAM(Basically how to get recognised on Instagram). Honestly speaking I did use INSTAGRAM before but never gave it that much importance that time, cause I never knew that INSTAGRAM can be the best platform for me to showcase my skills and would turn my life around. So a good research and knowledge on what you want to get in life and how to get through it is always an added advantage to accomplish your goals on a faster as well as in an efficient manner.

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After posting some of my best pictures and blogging on that, I got few calls and mails from professional photographer as well as Brands for collaboration. I was super excited with it guys.

So if you are unaware of the fact, and you really want to get noticed among the crowds like me please start with your INSTAGARAM account guys. Make the best use of this platform and reinvigorate your feed by making it more approachable to the audience to come back to you.

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And finally my DREAM came true when I was blessed on shooting with good professionals and very soon I am going to start my YOUTUBE channel too. But this is just the starting as you guys know there’s a long way to go. Need all the support and love from you guys on this. I hope I have motivated you people upto some level.

Just want to state : “YOU need to get out of your COMFORT ZONE to achieve your dreams and never ever give up! “

Samhita Sarkar

Creating Life in pixels, so can be laid off and watch in my old days!!


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