Never Give Up On First Try!

Never give up on first try,

Life has always been a reversing phenomenon for me since young. The unforgettable and heartbreaking loss of my mother at the age of 10 have triggered more regression and suppression. As the saying goes, “bad incidences in life is what will be the eventual phase of our stronger version” have been projected in my life. Arts (or to be more specific mandala arts) is what has become a part and parcel of my life. Inspired by my mum, I was enrolled in an art class at such a younger age (this is my first exposure to the art world). I have always been fascinated by patterns and the varied colors which ensemble those patterns. After the loss of my beloved mother, I tend to look back at her arts and this has instigated me to one day become a renowned mandala artist.

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My aim and dream in life are simple; to become the best mandala artist in the world and to open a ‘free art class’ for children. My arts have become very well known among my friends and Instagram users ever since I published those pieces of mine on the media. I have also been called for collaborations by companies and organizations for creating new art contents. My ideal form of mandala arts is those of being inflicted with animals (since I am an avid animal lover, it answers to the question on why I use the differential patterns onto my animals for my arts). Being an artist in Malaysia is a great deal due to the height in competitions. However, thanks to the universe that KOTEX have helped to published about my specialty on a national basis. This competition has not only to acknowledge the talents owned by young women in Malaysia but have also contributed much for making people understanding how much one has to sacrificed for their dreams.

We should not ‘stop from trying from our first attempt’ since practice makes us perfect

Not just an artist, I am also a networker, which allows me to earn passive incomes constantly. I would love to thank SUPER LIFE WORLD for giving me this extraordinary opportunity to unleash my potential of dealing with people and understand the reality of the world. Therefore, this has paved the way for me to one day become a self-made millionaire shortly.

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To sum up the foregoing, I always believed that we should not ‘stop from trying from our first attempt’ since practice makes us perfect. Also, never use the bad experiences that we face in our lives as an excuse for not succeeding in life because only we can create the reality of our future and not others. Thanks to all my mentors for making me understand the substantial power that the universe holds in molding our lives and success.

Thivya Poovanandran

I'm Thivya Poovanandran from Malaysia. So my main interest is in arts and designs.

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