One Life Million Dreams : Do Multitasking and Strive Success

Do Multitasking and Strive Success,

I am gonna share how you can do multitasking and strive success. I have always been a very hard working person. I guess it happens with many people that they think about many different streams, almost every person thinks about many options but when the right time comes one should decide what they really have to do. So here I started my dreaming and desiring when I was just in class 7th. I desired to become a fashion designer since I was very good in sketching, making good costumes in my leisure hours was my hobby. Soon I got very serious in studies. Teachers used to like me a lot as a person as well as a student. Later, I aspired to become a software engineer since I was very good in Java. I scored 85% in class 10th boards examination.

Soon I realized that what are my strengths and which direction I should go. I was very clear that I will take Commerce with Mathematics in Inter. Mathematics is fun. I was very clear in life to what to do after class 12 as well. I performed well in my 12th. I was a commerce student, I loved economics especially Indian Economy in college. I started enjoying commerce more than before, it is very interesting. My first two years passed happily, I decided to prepare for competitive examinations in my final year so I decided to go Hyderabad and study. I was preparing for final year on the one hand and on the other hand I was also preparing for competitive exams like CAT, MAT, etc.

My journey in Hyderabad was a remarkable one. I learned there a lot. Once you are out of home you learn many more things and learn to live independently. The best thing I learned in journey was the discipline in life. I used to wake up at 5 AM, go for my classes and study in morning. Everything went well but after few days of coming back from there I got sick, which affected me a lot. I couldn’t appear in my competitive examinations. This was very disheartening for me that for what I worked hard so much I couldn’t appear in that. This was a very sad phase of my life but I still remained positive, I learnt that ups and downs are a part of life. I completed my bachelor of commerce from a government college.

Every person is born with talent. You just have to analyse yourself.

In 2017, it came in my mind why not do something creative. I started researching more about Jewelry designing, I was finding the good institutes in the internet. Among the best was the International Gemological Institute. I was doing MBA on the one hand and on the other hand I started doing jewelry designing. My parents agreed to let me do what I wanted to.

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This has been a secret thing that I am Multi talented. In 2018, I completed diploma course of Jewelry Design Graduate from International Gemological Institute,Delhi. I made outstanding designs performed very well there as well. There I was multitasking I was doing MBA and Jewelry designing at the same time. My teacher was very happy with my rendering. I used to make beautiful necklaces, bracelet, bangles, rings, etc. I learnt about facets, stones, settings, manufacturing, calculations, etc. In a two month course I learnt a lot.

MBA is very deep knowledge about management. Basically, it teaches you to how to manage things in practical life in a best possible way. I feel very proud that I accomplished what I started in my life, never stopped in the middle. You need to be focussed. I am currently planning to work in a Multinational Company.

Posting pictures on Instagram is what I love to do. I recently started my fashion blogging page and trust me it gives you good opportunities. I have a small YouTube channel as well where I make videos about personal style, beauty and lifestyle.

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I want to be financially independent. I am in my final semester and have prepared myself firmly to do a job. We should promote women empowerment. I have learnt in life to never loose hope even in difficult situations, parents and god are with us. Every person is born with talent. You just have to analyse yourself.

Keep working hard, you never know when you get into any stream of your own choice and excel in it. The parents support is really important when it comes to education. My parents are my pillars in my life. They always made me believed that you can do it even in difficult situations. I achieved my goals and am very happy. A big thanks to all my family members.

I wish everyone a good luck, I will suggest you people to keep working hard and attain your dreams. Remember, multitasking is easy if you take it lightly.

Aishwarya Raj

Hi, I am Aishwarya Raj, I am an MBA, certified Jewelry Designer, very fashionable yet simple. I am a fashion blogger, my blog is basically based on personal style, fashion, and lifestyle.


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The dreams and passions stored within hearts are powerful keys which can unlock a wealth of potential.
— John C. Maxwell


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