Support your dreams and follow your instincts

Support your dreams and follow your instincts,

Hello guys, I am Anas & I am an budding architect. Actually, I don’t like to read and write I am more into designing and clicking pictures. So for my brief introduction I would say: I am muslim boy, an architect, urban designer and fond of exploring places; not the cliches travel spots like mountains (although that passion is inherited from my family) and heritage spots but every single streets roads or maybe it can end on some tree or corner of the room. So I have summed up my post graduation in architecture in mid 2018 and from then I am in on & off with money making process (my parents called it a job).

I am still struggling with these formats like in our country like “24 pe degree, 25 pe chokree and 26 p shaadi” and believe me I am 26 and only put a tick on a degree waala column. It’s not that I have no job offers but I am searching for some in my domain. But during all this social and cliches stampede I find my interest in exploring and clicking(not following the professionals rule of octate) but just click what I like and what I think is important and in future if everything goes all right I’ll document it to the people who are living in the such a beautiful envelopes but not aware of these untouched and rich places and I also want to make some money obviously but that is a parallel plan nothing to do with these things.

if you are here then there is always some purpose for you and the process to find that purpose is life.

I just only want to say go for your dreams but parallely make some money also because that’s the real thing which counts and support and water yours dreams to grow. I am still struggling to find the stability but I am happy in this hide n seek game of opportunities. But I think that is what life is : some scratches, some wounds but when doctors injects you the syringe it always comes with the sweets and candy in the end so waiting for it.

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And for the teenagers who thinks that they are nothing but a useless trash and ended up in a depression, please buddies you have something there inside you; a part of you which makes you happy, so please try to tap that and explore more and more of yourself, because that’s what life is. I am sorry i am not that mature and serious as you may have judged me from the above statements. I am rather a fun loving lazy lad who loves to do things which he likes no matter what..??

And please get fuck out of your blanket and please shift your eyes from your gorilla glasses to the real canvas that god painted for us and help the needy, contribute to the society in any form and live life at fullest because after doing these things you die in peace. Because if you are here then there is always some purpose for you and the process to find that purpose is life. Don’t be disheartened because there is always something ready for you just follow your instinct.

Kyuki apna time ayega.????

Thanks, May Allah bless you all..?

Anas Jameel

I click what I like(not a professional one?)
Follow me because I m marking a trail???

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The dreams and passions stored within hearts are powerful keys which can unlock a wealth of potential.
— John C. Maxwell


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