Happiness is Dream work

Happiness is Dream work,

Everyone have some dreams in their life and so am I. From childhood I want to be an airhostess or a model as I am so much influenced by the glamorous world but at the age of 14 when I was in 10th standard I was diagnosed with ITP somehow I managed to complete my exams. My treatment was going on and in between I was diagnosed with Lupus one of my kidney was damaged to stage 2 I was in 12th standard and because of clots in my brain I need to drop in 12th. Bad luck isn’t stopped here after some time I was diagnosed with AVN also my left hip joint muscles was damaged. It was like a biggest failure for me as I used to be topper in my class am the best dancer and sports person in the school and now am not even able to walk properly.

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Somehow I passed the 12th board exam and take admission in the college and completed graduation. This was the time I feel shame on myself I was like am not able to do anything in my life why am alive then. But my brother is one because of whom am here and am happy. He told me whatever happened is not in our hand but what will happen in future depend on us only. He convinced my parents to send me Jaipur for further studies and that was the time when I decided to live with what I have. I never think about my health issue and slowly I started feeling a huge difference in my health condition.

Love for the fashion world is breathing deep in my heart

Doctors were also shocked how can it be possible to cure so quickly. They even don’t believe that I have completed masters in computers with 75% without having a single back in any subject.

Then I started working with an IT company. That time I feel the proud that my family have because of me. In-spite of having such non curable problems I was an independent and confident girl. But still the love for the fashion world is breathing deep in my heart.

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For marriage also I faced so many rejection just because of my health issues. I talked to so many guys everyone was like ok we don’t have any problem with your health condition but then they reject me by giving some silly reasons. And finally I met Vishnu on Jeevansathi. He is the guy who accepted me with my health problems.

Finally I got married in 2017 and he started realising my interest in fashion and glamour world and he motivates me a lot to follow my dreams not only this he himself started learn photography to click my best pictures. I must say just because of him and my family today am here showcasing my talent to the world.


Hi my name is Anita am 29yrs old and am a Model and a fashion blogger.
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