Dream Life Journey – Up Close with Mridul Madhok

Dream Life Journey - Mridul Madhok,
How will you describe your journey from being an engineer to participate in Dating in the Dark?

Well, in my first year of Engineering I was damn sure that my future will not be in Engineering and Engineering wasn’t my choice perhaps like my engineers out there, it was my parents choice. So After my college I was giving auditions for everything. From commercials to reality, and meanwhile I cracked audition for Dating In The Dark which was a fun experience.

Mridul Madhok in Dating in the dark

In our society “dating” somebody in national television is not an easy task. It is still considered to be a hush hush secret thing. How will you describe it?

Who wants to decrease his/her fan following by accepting he/she is dating someone? Plus what if after few months things didn’t work out between couple and a breakup (which is a sensitive topic) gets trolled by your fans/haters who don’t even know 10% of you. So according to me, it’s better to keep it a secret till you have a ring on the third finger! 😉


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The host of that show Norah Fatehi is said to misrecognised you as Arjun Kapoor. What is your reaction on that ?

In my college days people used to call me Arjun rather than my name, initially I was very happy as i’m being compared to a celebrity but after sometime I felt that my personality is getting overshadowed with this terminology. So Nora’s remark for me was a okay-okay thing honestly.

People have started to say that you looks just like Arjun Kapoor. Do you think this thing is going to be helpful in your career anyway?

I don’t know, might be or might not be. But honestly, I don’t feel good about it ! My name is Mridul Madhok, I have a different personality, different ideology; maybe my looks would be little similar but I’m a totally different personal. I would appreciate if someone recognise me as who I am not that I’m a doppelgänger of some celebrity.

How does an engineer turned out to be a fashion blogger? Who was your inspiration?

As I’ve talked earlier that I wasn’t having much interest in Engineering and fashion always interests me. So in my 3rd year I tried in modelling because I just loved to get dressed in designers apparel even I walked for Amazon fashion week in 2015 but then I didn’t do much in that field because to be on top, guy need to sleep with model Co-ordinators/Designers etc etc which I didn’t want to. So after my college I created my own blog and eventually designer/brands contacted me for work 🙂

Are you interested in acting? If you got a chance to be an actor which platform would you prefer films or serials?

Yes, I’m an actor also! I’ve done two TV serials and currently I’m in Mumbai, auditioning for new TV serials! But if you ask me Films or Serials then definitely Films!


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Do you think that your participation in Dating in the Dark will help you anyway to approach your acting skills to Bollywood or daily sops ? Can we expect you on any more reality shows?

Experience in Reality shows is totally different so it can’t help you in acting field. But yes, you’ll be seeing me in a reality show on MTV this year 😉

As a child, what was your dream?

As a child, I had many dreams! To become an actor, billionaire, Poker player, Politician, Pilot and the best from all a Thief B-) (After watching Dhoom :)

Do you believe in dreams? What is the meaning of Happiness in your life?

Yes, I do! Dreams give me new goals, for those new goals I work my ass off and eventually I get better day by day.
For me happiness is to be known for what you are good at!

If you get a chance to be part of Bollywood, which actress you would wish to act with? 

Now that’s a tough question because I’m actually confused. Might be Deepika or Alia.

What is advantage and disadvantage of being a fashion Blogger? What would be its future in India?

As a fashion blogger you can experiment anything and if it works-out then you can call it fashion and you’ve an audience which will follow that. This is the main advantage as you can influence people! I don’t see any disadvantage in it. YES, I can’t get off my house in any cloths. :/

What you favorite quote/mantra on Life?

Set Goals! Stay Quiet About Them! SMASH THE SHIT OUT OF THEM! Clap For Your Damn Self! Repeat !

What will be your message to the dreamers out there who wants to achieve their dream without approaching any short-cut procedure?

First, start dreaming and think bigger then work hard and be patient about goals. Things will come to you (if you keep trying). And DON’T FUCKING RELY ON YOUR LUCK. It’s on you not your shitty Good-Luck-Bad-Luck day!

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