Good things take time

Good things take time,

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Hello people! My name is Isha and i am a wife and a mother to my 8 months old lad. I am not really sure if anyone can relate to my story or if it would be an inspiration to anyone but I do hope that it would at least help some people to realise that it’s never too late to make your dreams come true.

So, i got married when i was 24, had a baby just months after i turned 25. But before i got married, i always dreamt of going abroad and doing my masters there but coming from a conservative family where I wasn’t even allowed to wear clothes that showed my legs, forget about letting me go abroad. I had restrictions in almost every sphere of my life, from where i go, to who i go out with. I tried my luck with other things but nothing worked out for me. And then i was all blank about what i wanted to do in life, what i wanted to be in life. As i tried different things, i realised, it was never about studying abroad that meant important to me but it was more about the freedom i will get going away from home. There were nights i would cry myself to sleep because nobody would understand what i wanted.
Getting married gave me a different sense of freedom, i know most people think getting married is actually losing all your freedom but mine was vice versa.
And just then my husband came to the rescue. Ours was an arranged marriage but he was actually everything that i ever needed. This guy would actually listen to all my dreams and desires. Getting married gave me a different sense of freedom, i know most people think getting married is actually losing all your freedom but mine was vice versa. Another person who supported me into doing things was my sister in law, she is the elder sister that i never had. It’s very rare to find people who would push you hard to reach the best of your capabilities and she is one of them.
Hunar and Mum
Today, I have started a blog and in the near future i am planning to start a pre-school for children, working my ways for that too. I have never been happier and so content with life.

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Like they say, “There is a right time for everything, sometimes you have to make it, but sometimes you just need to wait for it.” One should never lose hope, grab every opportunity when the right time comes. And work hard until you get where you want to be in life.
Last not the least, self love should be everyone’s priority. Be true to yourself, and remember loving yourself is as important as loving your family or anyone else. Indian women today need to understand this, this doesn’t come to us naturally because we grew up in families where we are taught to be good daughters, wives, sisters and what not but never to love ourselves. It takes time to learn to love yourselves but once you do, its the most beautiful feeling, the world becomes a better place to live in.
Loads of happiness and love to everyone.

Isha Lohia

Part time blogger, full time mother.

Trying to make everyday a memorable one for myself and everyone around me that i love.

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  • OMG! This is such an inspiring story. You are such a beautiful soul and an inspiration. I am so glad that your marriage has lead you to your dreams. You are amazing. Bless you and your family. I am glad that everything worked out for you.

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