You Create Your Own Opportunities

You create your own opportunities,

Standing at a crossroad
Two paths, two outcomes stare back at you

Which route will you take?
The one your heart desires or one influenced by others?
Hidden by societal norms, a disapproval for the arts
Practicality is required by parents
Especially for those raised in a South Asian household
Interests of becoming a lawyer changed into a love for media
The creative outlet, full of expression and passion
Intrigued by every aspect of media
But later learning my talents lied in writing
The written word, storytelling and the manipulation of emotions
This is my story, if you care to listen.

From young my dreams involved becoming a top lawyer. I was regularly told that I would thrive in this career as I was opinionated and always ready for a debate. The wage was a bonus too, especially for someone with expensive tastes. Slowly moving through the education system, I geared all my subjects for this path. Little did I know once I hit my A Levels I would make a complete 360 and pursue the arts; choosing to learn sociology, English literature and media studies. Once I realised for certain this was the path I wanted to pursue and continue into further education, I had to disclose this decision to my parents. Luckily it was received well, as there’s always a need for media in any industry. Taking on roles in the marketing department, sales team, public relations and the list goes on.

Are you willing to sacrifice and dedicate majority of your free time to your passion?

In most south Asian households, the creative path is usually frowned upon, but luckily my parents have supported me from the beginning. Honestly, my mum is my biggest supporter, the one who takes my photography, inspires me and even gives me potential ideas. Overnight success is unlikely, regardless of what industry we’re in, we all need to work smart and grind. It can be hard to persevere when you begin comparing your journey to those around you. Remind yourself of this popular quote, failure to prepare, then prepare to fail. If you’re not putting in the work, are you really surprised that your circumstances and results aren’t changing? Anything can happen within a year, I’ve both experienced and seen first-hand that this is possible. The only factor that matters is your mentality. How much do you want to achieve? Are you willing to sacrifice and dedicate majority of your free time to your passion?

For me personally, 2017 was the year of opportunities, putting myself out there and connecting with my creative tribe. In comparison to 2018, I felt stagnate majority of the year, like nothing seemed to manifest. This was a mixture of no organisation, anxiety and overthinking to the point I talked myself out of opportunities.  However, when zooming out and reflecting at my year as a whole there were key accomplishments. Working with brands that I adore (Boohoo and jewellerybox), shooting my first photography project and even travelling to three different countries. This was a reminder not to get consumed by negative thoughts, to continue pushing and my favourite quote create your own opportunities.

I’m excited, prepared and ready for the new year, 2019 for me, will be the year of taking risks. Connecting with more individuals, working with more brands and finally taking the first step to make my side projects a reality. To say the least, the creative community has me hyped. It was my best decision to follow my dreams, regardless of the opinions of others.

Don’t listen to the gossiping aunties, the teachers who don’t think it’s practical and sometimes even your peers. Research your passion, create a plan that works for you, and reach out to those in the community for guidance.

Until next time, stay fabulous,

Love Tajinder Kaur.

Tajinder Kaur

Hello beauties, I'm Tajinder, a UK fashion, lifestyle and music blogger with a poetic twist. Dabbling in poetry, photography and YouTube. I believe in the motto you create your own opportunities. My platform is an expression of creativity, a place to inspire confidence and emotion with each post. Until we meet again, stay fierce and fabulous!

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