Dream big and you will achieve bigger things

Dream big and you will achieve bigger things,

“Never stop dreaming, no matter how low you feel”

This have been my motto since childhood. Every time when I felt like I’m not going to achieve the goal, I used to chant this in my head until I achieved it. I never in my head ever dreamed of becoming a blogger but one day when I was in college my brother told me about how there are so many bloggers all around the world. He told me that he have a dream of one day following me as a blogger. His dream became mine and from that day I took a pledge of becoming a blogger and showing the world my talent. I’m a fashion, lifestyle blogger and I love to share my feelings and my reviews with all the people in the world.

Becoming a blogger was not an easy thing. The most important thing to achieve your goals is to be stress free and to focus only on the good things. My dream of becoming something worthy was very difficult. I didn’t know how to start, I didn’t know to whom I should connect with, to whom I should talk to about this same. In the end I figured everything out by myself and I promised my brother that one day his sister will also become a blogger and will make him proud. His smile and his blessings have always been there with me.

The most important key to achieving a dream goal is the support and the environment around you

The most important key to achieving a dream goal is the support and the environment around you. They play a very important role in someone’s life for achieving a certain goal. Despite of everything I didn’t lose my faith and started to read blogs of other bloggers.

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One day a product company contacted me and that was my first break. I told my brother about the same and the smile that he had on his face is still in my head. To achieve your dream it’s not an easy path. To achieve your goal there will be so many problems, so many obstacles that come in your way but you just don’t stop and lift your head up and just make it to the top. I also faced some problems. The main problem that I faced was regarding my heath. I used to have a lot of lower abdomen pain and I tried to ignore them. But after some time I went to the doctors and had an ultrasound and the result was I have PCOS. You can search about PCOS. I have a lot of pain, pain I can’t even express. I have lot of acne, lot of facial hairs and so many other problems. That was the most difficult time of my life. I didn’t know what to do and how to cope up. My weight is increasing day by day. It just makes you want to give up. But the one thing that I have learned from life is never give up on your dream. Never give up because you feel weak. Gear up and become strong and fight with all the obstacles.

I knew that I was not going to lose the weight or anything so I made my mind in making myself more active and feeling more beautiful inside. I geared up and made myself feel beautiful. I never gave up and neither should any of you. To achieve your dreams you will have to fight with the world and you will have to fight with situations that come in your life but never give up. My body doesn’t control me, I control my body. From that day I have worked with several brands, have been more active and just work hard to make myself stronger. The one person who have always been there standing with me, holding my hand is my brother and just like every brother-sister relationship we fight a lot but from bottom of my heart I love him. The goal is still far away and one day I’ll achieve it and I know that he will be standing with me holding my hand and I know I’ll do everything to make our dream come true.

So don’t give up just focus and if you ever feel like giving up just think about the good things and the things that make you strong and you’ll achieve the dream without any problem.

Akanksha Kukreti

Hi, my name is Akanksha Kukreti and I’m a journalism and mass communication graduate and pursuing post-graduation in political science. I do blogging and you can follow me on Instagram my Instagram handle name is Shezza_mini, you can follow me for all the fashion and lifestyle posts. I also write poems and going to publish my novel soon.

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