Dreams doesn’t have an Expiration Date, you just need to Map out the Path and make it Real :)

Dreams doesn't have an Expiration Date, you just need to Map out the Path and make it Real :)

Hello Everyone,
I am Rainish Chhawra. I am a Beauty, Fashion, LifeStyle Blogger and a Software Engineer. I always wanted to do something related to fashion. I was a high grade student during my school/college days. So, I completed my studies well and got a good job for myself. But, I always dreamt of facing the camera and filming on screen. I loved my job but I also wanted to do something different that is completely out of the box. I always wanted to enjoy this phase of life where I actually could live my dream. So, I just started working on it step by step. Now, I enjoy life more as I am actually on the path of my dreams. I love being expressive onscreen and sharing my opinion on different beauty and fashion products.

I post new content on my channel ‘Style It My Way’ more often. I would like to invite you all to my small squad on YouTube channel at

It would be a great thing if you guys just spend a few minutes on my videos and subscribe to my channel. I will whole-heartedly appreciate your response as a token of love which will definitely help me to achieve my dreams at a faster pace 🙂

And one more thing, I would like to add. Family support is a must, whatever you do. My family is my backbone. They always supported me, no matter what. They are the actual pillars behind my dreams. If your family can support you, no one can ever stop you and you can achieve anything without fail …that’s 100% true.  And guys, never ever stop dreaming. You just have to believe in your dreams. Believe in the process of actually achieving them. There will be hurdles at every stop, no doubt. But still you are the only one who has to solve them and go ahead. Just keep focusing on the positive side of everything. That’s it.

And yes, its not that only youngsters can achieve whatever they want to. There are no age boundations in this.
Its your canvas, you just have to paint it with your own colours. Guys, its your life. You don’t always have to follow others command. Just be your own mentor and guide. Free yourself from the barriers of society.
Start believing in your own self. No one knows you better than you. I know life does not always bring you a handful of cherries. There are different complexities of everything. But, still heart always want what it wants. So, start from today. Take your time. Think about it again and again.
Start writing your goals and the ways to achieve it. Start working from today itself. It’s never too late.
Do you really want to achieve something? If yes, then come on. get up, whom to wait for, its your paper and pen. Start writing your goals and the ways to achieve it. Start working from today itself. It’s never too late. If you haven’t recognized your interests, do it now and call of your heart. Never ever loose hope, Cling on to any opportunity that comes in your way. Push yourself to the best of your capabilities. Start loving yourself dear ones, take time if you want because once you start loving yourself, no one can ever stop you.

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Do not wait for the right time. Time will never be perfectly right. Start today using whatever you have. Better ways will be automatically found as you go along. Set a mark whatever you do. There will be obstacles, there will be mistakes. But with the hard work, there are no limits. Always try to keep your eyes on the stars and feet on the ground. And yes, no one can ever defeat a person who refuses to give up. If you want to turn the page, just do it today, do it now. You never know if the whole book gets turned of a sudden. Magic can happen anytime. Its just your faith that drives everything.

So, guys never ever stop dreaming and most importantly, don’t give up..Keep trying and one day everything will make sense..Just believe
in yourself and your abilities and yes, you can do it champ !!! :):)
Like they say “If you can Dream it, you can do it“.

Rainish Chhawra

Software Engineer ✨ YouTuber ?
?Beauty ??Fashion ?Health ? Lifestyle ?DIY


Dream Quotes

Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.
— Napoleon Hill


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