The only thing that can define me is ART

The only thing that can define me is ART,

Being born and brought up in Delhi, India, all I have seen has been the crowd all around. People say that we live in a metro city but for me, it is more than just buildings and shining glasses all around. While travelling through these jam-packed streets and overcrowded metros of my city, I dare to dream. A dream that has been dreamt by many. A dream to take my art forward.

From writing and drawing my thoughts on a blank paper to acting and dancing in front of hundreds, everything evokes that searing feeling inside me. Crave of art increases every day and I let myself lost in the search for real creativity.

I hold my degrees in Journalism and Mass Communication and professionally I work as Fashion Writer for Fashion Brands like Taniera, Lifestyle, Max, etc. with a Content Agency. I started my Blog The Rhapsody Girl in January 2018 as an interesting means of noting, chronicling and expressing my ideas, projects, inspirations and daydreams. It has constantly evolved ever since and become more fashion & lifestyle oriented.

All of this seems like a perfect story I am living, right? But no, there was a time when I had to keep telling myself to stop wishing I look like someone else or stop wishing people liked me as much as they liked someone else. Because I was told by many people that I look ugly and have very bad command over English. I still remember I was in 10th standard, my face was full of pimples and one of my classmates said, “Priyanka I feel like puking when I see your face. Mere saamne mat aaya kar.” I lost my confidence that day­ — completely. I constantly started thinking about my appearance and personality. I went for every possible treatment to get rid of my ugly face. But nothing worked. I wasn’t even allowed to skip school because I knew if I do so, not even a single fellow will share notes with me and I’ll fail in exams. That was the time when I figured out that my ugly face is not my fear, but failure is. I figured out that getting failed is my biggest fear and I cannot fail because of those random 15-year-old kids. So I said Tata to everyone and chose to be with me. And today, I stand as a proud blogger, writer, dancer and theatre artist. I don’t know what they are doing and how successful they are today. All I know is who I am and where I stand. I still have scars and pimples on my skin and I still make mistake while speaking and writing English. But this doesn’t affect me anymore because this entire piece is written by me only (in English) and I write numbers of blogs and articles every day.

Call me a creation or a creature, but I am what I am.

Call me a creation or a creature, but I am what I am. Now, I have stopped hating my face, my body, my personality. Without all of these I wouldn’t be me and why would I have to be anyone else? I am happy today because I have to come loving myself IN MY OWN SKIN. I love who I am, I love my flaws and my imperfections, they make me ME. And ‘me’ is pretty amazing.


“You have to be rebellious to do something significant in life.” 

Priyanka Raghuvanshi

The Rhapsody Girl
Fashion • Beauty • Food • Travel || Theatre Artist
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