No One Knows You Better Than You Do

No One Knows You Better Than You Do,

I am a DREAMER since childhood!

I wanted to be the best in everything I did. I was very good at studies. Since I was good at studies my dad thought, I could become an IAS officer one day. He trained me for the same right from when I was 9 years old. Therefore, anytime someone asked me what I wish to become, my immediate reply was “I want to become an IAS officer”.

In my 5th standard, my dad taught me how to swim in a river! I was the fastest one to learn swimming compared to my cousins (My dad was their coach too). I showed a good amount of interest and lots of enthusiasm towards going to the river and swimming while others were afraid to get into the river. Once while my father was going through a newspaper he got to know about an inter-district swimming competition and he gave my name. I ended up getting a silver medal. Being a swimmer, being an athlete, I was trained in tennicoit, basketball, and throwball(learnt a bit of badminton as well).

After my 12th standard, just because everyone wished to become software engineers, I wanted to become one as well. I took Information Technology as my major and after four years of engineering, I became a Java developer.

Don’t you see a missing piece here? “A laser like focus held onto one particular dream.” When I watch a runway show, I wish to become a Supermodel. The first time I traveled on a flight, I wanted to become a flight attendant. After watching many seasons of Masterchef Australia, I wanted to become a chef. I listen to Adele’s songs and I wished to become a singer.

 I wanted to achieve every designation on earth. My thoughts, my dreams, none of them were stable. After these many years, the job that I’m doing doesn’t satisfy me. I sit at a computer and do nothing but cry. With years, my motivation to achieve my dreams got less strong! I wanted to start a blog, but the motivation to do it was not strong enough. Days are just passing by, but I couldn’t find happiness in anything I did. I reached a stage, where all I wanted was just sit in my room or find an abandoned place and keep crying out loud. I lost myself!

Then one day, my depression seemed boring to me. I felt the reasons to be in the state that I was, had no proper reason. I couldn’t be the same any longer. I had this habit of reading posts on Quora but none of them helped me but my drive and my dream of achieving something(though the ‘something’ was not clear enough).  I started waking up early. I made sure I take time for myself by going on a long walk alone in the evening just to analyze and think how I can be the best version of me. Walking alone or spending time for myself at every possible chance helped me in analyzing my interests. Finally, here I am sharing my story with you all as a passionate fashion blogger wanting to take up a career in fashion blogging. My interest for fashion and styling was one thing that I noticed didn’t fade away as I keep growing.

I know I’m not alone. There are millions of people out there that are still struggling to know the purpose of their life, fighting depression for years. It might not be easy to come out of that phase, but only YOU can do it. No one in this world knows you better than you do. All you’ve got to do is SPEND TIME FOR YOURSELF and comparing with others is the worst thing you could do to yourself.


“Find your passion and chase it like there is no other day”. Find what interests you, what makes you happy and if happiness is all you want, do whatever it takes to achieve it. Nothing comes easy. If it takes 100 steps to achieve your dream, you have to take that first step. After all, we’ve got just one life to live. Why not make the most out of it?


Hamsavya Prabhakar

I'm hamsavya an aspiring fashion blogger and influencer.


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