Always dream big, no matter what

Always dream big, no matter what,

I am Oindrila Paul, a Food and Lifestyle Blogger based in Kolkata. I am a psychologist by profession and a blogger by passion. From my very childhood, I have always been fond of writing, photography, fine arts like dance and music, cooking and experimenting with food. Earlier on, I wished to become a Chef, but then I realized that it’s a very male dominated and labour intensive profession, plus, coming from a family of doctors, I would probably not receive the kind of support I would need. As I grew up, I understood that my real passion not only lies in cooking and feeding people, but I am even more passionate for writing about food. Be it recipes, be restaurant reviews, I wanted to be that person who brings the best of all information about the latest trends in the food world and make it accessible to the general public. I was also interested in and thankfully good at Food Photography and that just enhanced my interest in Food Blogging.

I dreamt with all my heart.

Like most others, even I started small. I began writing recipes and reviews on my social media handles. As I was a complete foodie and I also had a few hormonal problems, I was always the short and chubby kid that everyone loves making fun of. But I dreamt with all my heart. I aspired to become one of the most well-known food bloggers in the city, and to be recognized as an “expert” in the F&B Industry.

I had no idea how to go about it, but I knew how to dream for sure. They say that “the pen is mightier than the sword” and indeed it was proven true time and again. I received a lot of appreciation and accolades as a writer and photographer. Food was my only domain. If you go through my blogs, you will not see a single picture of my face. It’s all about food, exclusively.

After a year of starting my journey, I started writing my own blog on my own website. It was a turning point in my life as I was now being considered as a serious blogger and not some random, overexcited teen that loves to write about food. Then came my Facebook Page, My Food Blog, which turned out be a greater success than I could have ever imagined in my wildest dreams. In the meantime, I joined FoodZpah, the biggest food influencers’ group in India and my growth just accelerated in leaps and bounds after joining the organisation. I am grateful to FoodZpah Founder Admin, Mr. Shahbaaz Zaman for giving my food blogging career, a much needed boost. I got to learn a lot from him and I still do. He is my mentor and guide, when it comes to food blogging.

With all humility, I can say that I was one of the fastest members to be given the coveted post of FoodZpah Moderator, only 3 months after I joined the group. I am now a part of the admin team of this mammoth community and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. Time flies. I didn’t even realize when my Facebook and Instagram Page crossed 25,000 organic followers. I received an unbelievable amount of love, respect and recognition from my readers and that simply overwhelmed me.

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I am currently running one of the most successful non- celeb, purely food based blogs in Kolkata. Now the time has come, when all those people who used to look down upon me once, compliment me every now and then, shake hands and congratulate me whenever they see me in person and say that “I am a great fan of your photography”.

Yes, I still am that chubby foodie, but the perspective of the people around me have changed and that’s where my real accomplishment lies.

I am a very sincere and passionate psychologist, a Calcutta University rank holder, but food blogging and food photography will always remain my comfort zone, my “home”, and my happiness.

Very recently, I realized that once you are established as a blogger and an influencer, you have the privilege to impact the minds of so many people at the same time. Being a woman and a mental health professional, I believe it is my duty to make the best out of the voice I have, the voice I have earned with all that hard work over the years. Hence I started my Lifestyle Blog, “The Petite Pixie”. I share my life experiences over there that includes everything from travel, music, beauty, self-care, hobbies, sports, and gadgets… literally everything. The main slogan of my Lifestyle Blog is “breaking stereotypes” and “body positivity”.

I hope others like me who have struggled or are struggling with body image consciousness issues will be able to draw inspiration from my blog and learn to live life to the fullest, despite all shortcomings. I try to keep my blog diverse and dynamic so that it can cater to the interest of all kinds of people from different age groups and cultural backgrounds. I try to deliver a message, spread awareness, spread love, peace and a sense of belongingness. It is all very new for me at the moment, and I have slowly started to get the hang of it.

Also Read: Dream is where the Heart is

I dream of becoming an inspiration for others, in any possible way. Be it my food blog or my lifestyle blog, I just wish to have a positive impact on the lives of today’s youth, inspire and motivate them to believe in themselves and follow their passion with utmost sincerity. Sky is the limit. I still have a long way to go. But I genuinely believe in living and relishing the present. So, I am basking in the glory of how much ever I have achieved while dreaming about the future.

With hard work, dedication and perseverance, even mountains can be moved. So keep trying and hang on. Never give up on yourself, or the world will give up on you. And always dream big, no matter what. There’s no harm in dreaming, is it?

Oindrila Paul

I am a student of Psychology, an avid dreamer and I take interest in several hobbies. I am trained in Kathak Dance, Basketball, Fashion Designing and Music. I'm also passionate about Writing, Cooking and Travelling. Lately, I've started Food and Lifestyle Blogging. Food Blogging has always come very naturally and organically to me. I used to cook up innovative recipes, click pictures of them and upload them on social media. Then I began writing restaurant reviews on various platforms. Soon, I realised that my true calling lies in the F&B industry.

From a foodie teenager owning a blog called "My Food Blog" to a Moderator and Photographer of the biggest influencers' group in India, FoodZpah, the journey has been no less than Epic. Recently, I have also began my own Lifestyle Blog on Instagram where I call myself "The Petite Pixie".


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