Your decisions are what you are today, be proud & happy about it

Your decisions are what you are today,

Hey guys my name is Aishwarya Radhani, a Digital Influencer & Director with a Network Marketing Company Oriflame.

Since my childhood days I use to watch so many cartoon and there were so many different characters I wanted to be and I use to start imagining myself as that character. As I grew I wanted to do so many multiple things like sometimes I wanted to be an astronaut than I wanted to be a doctor than an actor than a lawyer than a painter, even getting inspired from “Scooby Doo” I wanted to be a detective. I always use to visualize myself doing that work and I slept happily every night dreaming about it. Those little imagination just made me happy.

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When I was in my 9th grade somehow I finally chose a career Being an interior Designer. Even I got my interior designing degree. But meanwhile as a part time I started working in a network marketing company just for fun. And today I am a successfully managing my Business. I transformed that part time work as full time career and I am happy with my life.

Dream big & go for it.

To all my young friends over here studying or might be stressing to choose your profession, I wana say JUST DREAM & WORK HARD FOR IT.

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Do whatever you wish to do, but take decisions no matter they are right or wrong. If itʼs right you will grow,if wrong you will learn. Donʼt stress over, things will fall into place just donʼt keep worrying but keep working for it. Dream big & go for it. I was firm for 6 years & even completely my degree still I chose a completely different path which was not easy but thatʼs okay. Important is I am happy today.

“Your decisions are what you are today, be proud & happy about it”

Aishwarya Radhani

Director & A certified Beauty Consultant
•Turning women financially independent ??‍?
•Developing my network across India

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