Become the best version of yourself

Become the best version of yourself,

Hey! Welcome to my journey of life. While just being 19 years old, I’ve seemed to go through hell and back and this is my story to help inspire others. I was raised in Edmonton, AB in Canada, and I’m currently attending a post-secondary facility to pursue my dreams of becoming a mental health social worker!

As many people may have assumed from my name, I am East Indian so it’s kind of the unfortunate culture that most of us grow up in very toxic homes and either turn out to be toxic or turn out to be better than our creators.
For the first 17 years of my life, I was a basic brown girl who was very very toxic to those of the people who came around me, I wasn’t exactly who I was but this definitely did shape me to become a better person all around especially when I bumped into this person I knew – and he rubbed off on me to the extent where I adapted his culture of becoming a brand new person at the start of September 2019.
I say this affirmation in my head “This is passing, let it go”…
It shaped me to become a better person, and as much time as I spent without people around me I slowly fell in love with myself. I started discovering who I truly was, I stopped holding grudges and I’ve realized that my 4,4,4 rule is quite a life saver.
For those of you interested, my 4,4,4 rule is basically a breathing terminology I use when I start getting upset I’d INHALE for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds and while I’m doing this I say this affirmation in my head “This is passing, let it go” and then I exhale and trick my mind into thinking that a burden has left my shoulders and I loosen up. I’m sharing this rule, My essential goal is to build my own orphanage and host a group therapy session for Indian Women of all generations and have a safe place!
As a moral of my story, I want to build hope for the young ones going through any sort of toxic phase in their life, I’d like to tell you that this is JUST a phase and I WANT you to become the best version of yourself!
Hopefully my breathing rule helped, and my small story and goals will help you achieve some too!
Have a great day!

Simran Cheema

this is my story, i’m sharing it #makeachange
(she/her) ?️‍? ??
19 / Edmonton, AB ?

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