You are a superhero,

You are a superhero!

Well honestly I wasn’t this person earlier. I was the one who always needed someone to let her know that she can do this. Never thought my life away from home or even buying even a pen alone. Crossing roads alone was a myth for me. But life Had other plans. I after realizing that Biology wasn’t for me decided to leave school and go for diploma.

Though I was terrified of maths and physics but had to do good in life. So I went to Bangalore to study diploma in computer science engineering. But there, all my fears were coming true. Either I had to do it or just fail there too. So I choose not to be the looser again. But again life had other plans I got sick terribly. Throat infection, food poisoning and what not. This time the weather didn’t suit me. And also I fell in love at the age of 17. Sounds funny but yeah. Deeply and madly. The guy was from Kolkata and we met on Facebook.

So every thing in my life took a turn towards the city of joy Kolkata. And I shifted to Kolkata discontinuing my academics from Bangalore. My health played a huge role in living that city too.  I joined diploma in civil engineering and life with love of my life was amazing. But slowly realised that the relationship was toxic. So had to get out of it. It was very tough because the relationship was for 3 years but I some how managed that and completely indulged myself in to things I loved.

I started studying hard, found my love in acting. And here today I am living my hobby, and achieving my career. This is my final year of diploma and guess what?! I topped from my branch. Unexpected. But I guess this is what life is. My father always believed in me and my mom always supported me. And my crazy bunch of best friends fulfilled the loneliness that haunted me.

Nothing can stop you if the biggest believer in yourself is “you“.

Well I know!! It’s been a roller coaster and a lot more to come but I am ready. Nothing can stop me now. And yes for people curious to know how I came out of that relationship and depression, we’ll talk about that soon until then remember nothing can stop you if the biggest believer in yourself is “you“.

Life is too short to cry, repent and be depressed about something which never meant to be yours. So live for what’s yours and people who love you. So be you! Love yourself first! Look at the faces who knows you are more than exactly what you think you are! And do it! Achieve it! Live it! Own it! It’s your life. No knew else can make it better if not “YOU“.

We have only this life to make our dreams come true. I am no one to inspire you unless you decide to do it. I have a lot to say. But before that I have a lot more to achieve. I am not deciding my career right now because it seems, in my life, destiny has better plans. Well if you you are dealing with bad times, don’t be upset because I am sure you too have a lot to come. And unleash that fighter which is right inside you. That heaviness in your chest is an unbearable pain till the time you stop crying over it and make it your biggest and strongest weapon.

You are a super hero for your family. You just need to find it and let the HULK, wear the IRON MAN‘S armor and be the warrior like CAPTAIN AMERICA, unbeatable like THE BLACK WIDOW, because you are worthy like THOR, genius like DOCTOR STRANGE, kind like SCARLET WITCH, pure like VISION, so brush up your SPIDER instincts, aim perfectly to what you want like HAWK EYE and be the ruler of your life like THE BLACK PANTHER. Does that makes sense?

Well I guess it does. I know I am a little weird and also a Marvel fan ?. But you, yes! You, I am talking to you. My friend you are unpredictable and strong so love yourself and achieve it. Dream big.

Ananya Biswas

I am a warrior but soft inside, I am fierce but full of love and peace, I am strong yet a soul full of emotions. I am a woman and an engineering student. Welcome to my life's journey. And hey! Just wanted to let you know you are more than capable of achieving the world. Because You can! We can!


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