Let your passion be your priority always

Let your passion be your priority always,

Hello people.

So, my name is Shreya Kolhapure, I am a girl from a small town Solapur, now a city.
Being born and brought up in conservative family, I have always been very thoughtful and I think 10 times before doing anything be it in my day to day life or taking any big decision.

In 2013, I moved to Pune for my higher studies. Since then I started feeling that I have to change in every aspect in my life and work on my self development. My journey and my tale begins from there itself. I have learnt that throughout your life you always have to be a learner and and improver. You have to keep learning things and keep working on it to improve them. I have worked on my personality development, my academic growth, my fitness goals, my looks and every other thing and since then I am very particular about all these things especially my looks, the way I carry myself, the clothes I wear, my fashion sense etc.

Each one of us should rekindle those hobbies we were once passionate about and may be one fine day your passion for something could turn into a paycheck!

I was always skewed towards fashion. This was something that always kept me happy and fulfilled. Remember back when you were just a kid? You would simply go out and do things. You would never do things thinking of how they could be beneficial to you. You simply would go out and do them. Nobody told you to do them, but you just did them. What I truly believe in is that each one of us should rekindle those hobbies we were once passionate about and may be one fine day your passion for something could turn into a paycheck!

I used to receive many compliments and was often appreciated for all this and it this thing which mainly inspired me to start a Fashion blog of my own named “ATTIRE AND DESIRE”. It mainly focuses on clothing, accessories and makeup.

I have been fond of all these things and not keeping my knowledge about it to myself only i like to give it to others too which would help them in some or the other way because i think when you keep the knowledge you have to yourself only, it remains the same but when you share it with others it gets doubled and also the happiness that you have gets multiplied.

I am frequently asked where do i get dresses, accessories and make up from and i like sharing all these information which inspired me to start a blog as it will be an appropriate platform for me to showcase my passion for fashion and proper medium through which information would flow. Also, it is my wish that i link it with our business which relates to clothing.

It has been my dream to be one of the biggest fashion influencers and a very successful entrepreneur towards which i think i am taking baby steps and my journey has already began.

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I also got motivated from all the bloggers on instagram one of the bloggers on instagram told me “If you like something just go for it irrespective of the thing that it will work or not. If you keep thinking whether it will work or no probably you might not start anything. Better idea is to start and see how you go with it. You never know 5 years from here on you would be at a different position may a very influential blogger and this is something which has become my daily mantra. I do what i love, irrespective of its consequences and whether it will be liked by people or no and this is something everybody needs to follow.

I am very happy with the way things are working out right now and very happy that i am doing something that i love. It is a dream of mine to be in the FORBES one day and working towards it. I do not exactly know my path and still there is a very long way to go. It’s not going to be easy it will not be a cakewalk and it will require all grit, determination, sweat and perseverance and i am up for everything.

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This story of mine is to inspire every girl who thinks she can do something but is taken back due to some or the other things or circumstances if i can then definitely every girl can. Do not give up on your passion along with your profession. My profession is Law and fashion blogging and law are poles apart and i am still doing it as a part of my passion for fashion which is neverending.

Always remember that if you like something go for it never restrict yourselves. Give it a try at least you will know where you’re heading. Always stand up for your passion,girls. Stand up for your dreams. You have no idea how people might just kill it with the load of responsibilities and expectations put on you.

LET YOUR PASSION BE YOUR PRIORITY ALWAYS. Never ever let anyone tell you to give up on your dreams. Just fight and stand up for it.


This is my dream tale.


Shreya Kolhapure

My Blog’s name is “Attire and desire” on instagram.
Fashion blogger in Pune originally from Solapur, Maharashtra. My blog focuses mainly on clothing, accessories and makeup. I share what i wear and all the information regarding it.

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