Trust Yourself, There’s a plan for each one of us

Trust Yourself, There's a plan for each one of us,

All that a person can see is a confident young lady, who is fearless and bold in her attitude but very few know the struggle and hardships she has faced that made her who she is today. A girl who was shy and being quiet was one of her traits, has now turned into a girl who can’t stop talking. You may ask the people who claim to know her.

Hello my happy readers,
I am Gurleen Batra, 22 years old based out of Chandigarh. The above few lines literally explain the transitions my life has had in the past few years. In the earlier years of my life, I was always this shy, studious and sincere kind of a person. My grades were always good, I topped almost every year and thought that was something which made me stand out.

Let’s talk about that one big decision which we all make in our lives, that is, deciding a career stream after tenth standard. This is exactly where my life changed. Since I topped in my school, everyone around including my family and teachers thought that I should pursue sciences. I had no clue what was waiting for me ahead. Not that I regret it now, this one decision is why I am at this spot in my life, sharing my tale and experiences.

But I Failed. Failed miserably, terribly and what not. I scored close to average, couldn’t do well in entrance exams and felt my world crashing. Now there was no going back from this. I was so disappointed with myself, started doubting my capabilities, feeling I was good for nothing. At that specific point, I had two options, either dropping a year or taking up graduation course in biotechnology. I was too afraid to take a break and ended up enrolling myself in a course at one of the colleges in Chandigarh.

Gurleen Batra - Trust Yourself

Have you seen those nerd kids going to college all scared and nervous? Yes, I was the same kind. I was still in the dilemma if I have made the right decision. What creeped in was the doubt of ‘Am I really good enough?’ In every possible way, I was questioning this to myself. One fine day, I saw this canopy in my college with some banners for an NGO interviews. Even after taking the brochure, I kept on thinking if these people would even select me, am I really good enough?

I think going for that organisation’s interview was one of the best decisions, I have ever taken in my life. Things changed when I started working there. Unknowingly I was becoming a better person every day. And then, one of the panel members randomly told me to anchor this internal event for close to 250 people. I have to confess, I tried so many ways to not do this event, everything failed! Again, miserably. But this time for good.

Everything and anything big or small, people, teachers, colleagues, friends, foes, bring changes in your life and your personality.

That is when, I anchored my very first event. I never knew how good I was till this moment! I SWEAR! Once I realised this, then I was unstoppable. Throughout the three years of my college, I participated in every extra-curricular activity I could, anchored events, took chances and tested myself. I never knew how capable I was rather kept on measuring my success on the basis of typical parameters. That one failure made me feel that I am good for nothing. But soon only I realised, we all fail, things go wrong but not believing in your own self is the biggest mistake you can ever do. Each one of us is good at one thing or the other, it’s you who can figure that out much better than everyone else around.

From paying a small visit to an orphanage and an old age home to hosting a mega event in front of a crowd of about 10k people, it has flourished me and it changed me like nothing I ever knew I could be. Everything and anything big or small, people, teachers, colleagues, friends, foes, bring changes in your life and your personality.

Gurleen Batra

I even made the decision to pursue my masters in Communications. Destiny and hard work played a great role when I got selected for a post-graduation course in Symbiosis University, Pune. Life now, feels great. Better than ever before. I started my own fashion blog, Quab Musings, almost 10 months back where I share my thoughts on relatable and everyday fashion. Who knew after the 12th grade blunder this could happen?

All these experiences changed me and this change is beautiful.
I relate to a famous quote;

“Day by day, nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different.”

I am different, I am better, I am brand new and completely exclusive. To each one of you who is reading this, trust the universe, trust your actions. Most importantly, “Trust Yourself, There’s a plan for each one of us; Always.

Gurleen Batra

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