Passion are the wings that one needs to fly

Passion are the wings that one needs to fly,

In the next 3 minutes read you are going to know about someone who got inspired in a cab. It was 2013 that I was driving to a hotel in Bangalore with my dad. I was extremely upset about not being able to get an admission in the college I wanted to pursue law from. And that is when my dad told me, “Never doubt yourself. Even when everything seems to fall apart, try to find that one ray of light that can guide you and make you a better person”.

For me that ray of light was finding my passion. The thing that I would love to do throughout week, months and years. The thing that would motivate me to wake up on every Monday morning and the thing that I would want to die with. I found it in when I began to create content for different organizations, college magazines and then eventually brands through internships. Finally, thanked that day when law did not happen to me and I entered this creative ecosystem.

I want you to dream of every possible thing you can do in this one life.

I still remember that day when one of my friends called me just to ask-“Why are you creating content for brands when you can be a brand in yourself?” This question hit me hard and I found my answer by launching Badastoor– a fashion, travel and food and beauty blog. So many people told me to pick up a niche to get more audience but my idea of the blog was to create content for everything I am fond of. Write about things that make me happy and the ones that I am passionate about no matter how many they are. Choosing one over the other would have been unfair to me and all the things I am fond of.

It’s been 9 months that I started Badastoor and it’s not a single day when I don’t work on it. It is always on my mind even when I am sleeping. This is what passion does to you. Make you work hard but with no complains. Initially there were people who mocked about the fact that I clicked so many pictures every time. But when the same people began to appreciate my content online and even behind my back, I knew that I was now headed to a long and challenging journey.

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I don’t have a dream but a dream tale,

To be able to expose yourself on a public platform is not easy. To give people the power to judge of what you wear, what you eat and where you go can be stressful. Every good comment challenges you to keep up with the good work and a bad comment motivates you to perform better. But all this becomes easy only when you begin to love yourself. When you begin to believe in yourself and stay confident in every phase.

If you ask me today that is my blog going to be about the same topics for life then definitely not. I know that in the coming years I will find new things that I would fall for and would want to write and create content around. One should be open to new experiences and that is where you find your passions.

The reason you are reading this toady is because I want you to dream of every possible thing you can do in this one life.

Having one dream is great but what a pleasure if you can dream 100 of small things and make them all happen by the end of your life. And when people ask you what is your dream then tell them “ I don’t have a dream but a dream tale”.

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