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Never leave your dreams behind,
A few months back, I remember an advice from my friend stating ” Why don’t u start a Instagram Business Page/Store?”. At that moment , I didn’t take it seriously & kept on with my work. But after few days, I thought of trying it out and giving it a chance. Coming from a medical background, I didn’t really get any chance to explore the fashion sense of world. But after completing my graduation in medicine, I thought of trying out the career of fashion influencer.
Since my teenage days, I was always keen in shopping and had been one of those early shoppers online. Back in 2011, when online shopping had just started, I remember to be among the ones who shopped online.
Coming from a small town, any new brand knowledge or any extravagant fashion was a bit difficult to access. But still I found my way to my shopping love through online source. All thanks to my great friend , SOMIL BANSAL ( owner of an instagram store STORE11.2.13 ) who helped me purchase all the high end brands that was not accessible to me because of the place where i stayed. She was the one who suggested me to start a Instagram Business Page/Store — a fashion and beauty blog ; because she clearly knew how much I loved fashion and beauty & clearly shopping.
So on JUNE 2018, i started my first Instagram Business Page — a fashion travel and lifestyle page on my name ANUJA TARAFDAR. I started to gain more knowledge about this profession but honestly for the first few months, i didn’t get much time due to my own work & also didn’t get much progress. But after few months, about the month of SEPTEMBER, I started to give more time and attention to my page and started to post pictures retaining to some sort of help to my viewers.
I always dreamt of having a clothing line of my own.
After settling with this page, I started my own clothing line on OCTOBER as because I always dreamt of having a clothing line of my own. I gave it a shot and started my own clothing line in instagram on the name of RISHTAY.
Today, I am happy saying that my main page is working progressively and I am happy taking single step at a time & also my clothing line is taking its own pace to be on its toes. A few days back, I started another page of my own but this time it was only a beauty blog— i am a shopholic myself and I won’t deny that and so i love watching profiles in Instagram that deal with beauty products and their reviews.
But honestly in India, we do have great beauty bloggers but there are very few pages that deal with products and their reviews. So I thought it would be great for any viewer to have a look at a profile that would be informative enough to show variety of beauty products with its correct and genuine review.
So today after almost 7 months, I am silently happy running my 2 Instagram Pages/Stores and also investing appropriate time to both of them and getting sufficient response to both of them. And also I am very content about the fact that i have also invested in a risk of starting my own clothing line.
I would really encourage all the girls who reads my article to please never leave your dreams behind & try and take the chance to at least give it a shot. I wont say that I’m gonna be a very successful blogger or a designer. But yes, 10 years from now, I can at least see myself as someone who never had let her dreams count out and at least made it a point to try and fulfill it and who knows , success might be standing next door.
Thank you.
Anuja tarafdar

Dr. Anuja Tarafdar

Fashion, Lifestyle & Travel Blogger.
Founder & Owner @rishtay_official .
Beauty Blog @sister_things_2018

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