Success comes with hard work and passion that is within you

Success comes with hard work and passion that is within you,

Today I work in an MNC which my parents had dreamt off and I am a fashion blogger, which I dreamt off.

I was a very shy kid and lacked confidence till 10th standard. Also, I felt left out in the crowd, be it school or home. I have lost many people in my life be it friends or my personal bonds which made me all alone at one point. Only then my mom came and said few words which somehow created that magic within me and made me who I am today.

“Khudhi ko kar itna buland,

Ki Khuda puche teri raza Kya hai”

Since then, I started implementing that in my life and started feeling more bold and confident about my life decisions and also, for my own-self.

I started following my dreams which made me the person who I am today.

I started following my dreams which made me the person who I am today. I was an average student, passionate about sports and fashion, as they always brought happiness within me. I always achieved what I dreamt of be it in school or college or my professional life.

I still remember there was a selection of house team lead in 11th standard in school and I eagerly wanted it because I knew I had the leadership quality and I knew I can take my team to heights and so, I achieved it and because the team lead. That was a turning point which made me more confident and sure about the qualities within me.

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I always dreamt of going to Delhi university for my graduation but I knew I wasn’t that brilliant student but the zeal in me never stopped me and so I cracked my board exams and of course I had sports quota so it helped me too. Both the things were my strength which took me so far.

After college I had nothing in hand and I didn’t know what to do next so I started preparing for my MBA entrance exams but that wasn’t easy because all you had to do was sit at home and study and I am not that kind of person. So I started applying for jobs so that I can do something for myself. After 5 months of sitting at home I got into a MNC and that’s where my life changed because that’s when you get to know about your capabilities and about yourself. When you start earning for yourself and get independent that’s when you know you can do wonders to yourself. There were ups and downs in my professional life too but I was focused because I knew I have to go higher and higher. No matter what I achieved what I wanted and I am still not done yet!

These three instances were some most important turning points for me.

No doubt, I’ve scene people pulling me down but there were some who helped me bring where I am today! I am in sports till date, it brings an different type of vibration and enthusiasm within me to do something. That zeal to just win the “GOLD” or reach the top.

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I’d dream of entering the fashion world since my childhood, but as someone said “it’s all about destiny”. My father was not in favour of it, but that zeal didn’t die, I started with fashion blogging to keep that love for fashion going in me. I started my blog recently in 2019. It was simple—just about how I would dress up and be myself. One post turned out into several and that’s what keeps me going.

I grab the opportunities I get, be it in my professional life or personal. Nothing comes easy so, I dream of being successful in every work I do not because I have the habit of winning but because I hate losing.

What I’ve learnt in life is that life gives you opportunities it’s just how you grab them or just let them go and that describes the person you are in reality, that’s something which makes you confident and strong as a person. I still believe I’ve a long way to go and no doubt, I’ll achieve my goals in life.


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