Living My Passion With My 9 To 5 Job!

Living My Passion With My 9 To 5 Job!,

Hey guys this is Arushi Patkey.
Like you, I too am just another girl living in the city of dreams, Mumbai with a 9 to 5 job which we may as well call it a ” Corporate Job” in sophisticated terms.

While our jobs help churn our lives ahead, we all have that one dream buried deep down inside our hearts that we are super passionate about. Most of the times they just remain wrapped under the tag “I wish” or “when would I do it? I haven’t got time”
Seldom do we think of giving them wings so that they can blossom.

Let me tell you few of my experiences that might inspire you to give it a serious thought for following your passions.

There is always a point and time in our lives that we say no more to the plastic world and live for your dreams and this kind of became a turning point in my life.

If you are happy from inside, you will look super pretty on the outside.

Since quite earlier, I use to spend hours on my phone recording random clips and vlog places which I explored even when the concept of being a youtuber had not been that infectious. This idea of exploring new places be it a market or a new travel destination ,combined with my love for styling even a 100 Rs top gave birth to my YouTube channel “Yourinnerspark“. The reason behind naming it that way was that I have always been a strong believer of being happy from inside. My funda is simple,” if you are happy from inside, you will look super pretty on the outside”.

The world needs people who love themselves; I am here to help everyone to do that. On my channel, I try and exhibit a variety of videos ranging from fashion, lifestyle, travel and comedy. If you live in India and commute to office via public transport, there is never any dearth of content. I have always been the girl who thought of crazy ideas whenever I saw anything on the streets, loved listening to or rather eavesdropping on random conversations because it just gave me a crazy video idea! I love solo travelling and visiting cafes, travelling by local transport without a destination and observing people I come across. Trust me when I say this ,Content comes from observing people around you.

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I am working as a purchasing specialist in an MNC and the work is consuming me mentally. But that never stopped me from achieving what I wanted. My passion is what keeps me alive and remember, starting to work towards our passion does not come with an expiry date.

I always try and make content which people can easily relate to since I always take up topics which we all come across in our day to day lives.
Also we get so happy and feel so proud when we save that extra penny on our fashion accessories. I have got tips and tricks videos for that too.

There is another level of pride that we take in designing our own clothing. I have got you covered for that as well. And once in a while, on the lite side, I also put up some comedy videos just as a refreshment.

Yes, my initial days were quite tough. Getting the videos shot, learning to edit those videos and then uploading them at the right times, trying promote them and telling each one to watch my videos. It was surely a rough patch initially. But as I grew, I started receiving love and support of the people and that feeling when others watch you online and praise you is simply out of the world. As days and months passed by, I improved with each video.

I am so grateful to all my followers and subscribers. They have showered their love and support not just on Youtube. But on Instagram where I have around 34200 followers and 7100 on youtube. That has helped me grow from strength to strength and also has uplifted me to go onto become a successful social influencer.

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The reactions and compliments that I get from people on my videos and pictures is just priceless. It puts up a wide smile on my face when I read good comments on my videos or pictures that I put up on Instagram. This makes me work even harder and with so much more zeel and positive energy.

I always keep aspiring to be a better content creator with every video or post I put and that is something that does not let me sleep at night. Everyday I have this feeling of doing something different and yet not satisfied with it

My day starts with 1 hour of workout ,then editing my own videos for an hour, I check a few emails and draft some to approach various brands as influencer and then head to my office.

Back home at 11.30 I then do some TikTok videos for my refreshment and to keep my presence on internet alive. My weekends go in shooting videos and editing them. We indeed should enjoy the journey of our life more than the destination. Because there is no such destination. We always would want more and more.

The only question I ask myself every day is If you reflect back on your day, did you spend more time cultivating hopelessness or creating a purpose?

I am my own writer, director, actor, fashion stylist, video editor and promoter. The sweetest person on planet earth, my Mom helps me a lot in all this. She turns into a photographer, videographer,a light man or sometimes just a guide.

Now the question I am always asked is “How do I manage my job and yet live my passion to the fullest”.
When you learn to integrate your passion and vision you do not have to think about it It just becomes easy and exciting every day. And honestly if we want to, we always figure out a way to do it. This is a small little world I have created while working for a full time job.
If you ask me where I see myself in next 5 year I would definitely vouch on being a video content creator for the rest of my life. Do not let your passion take a back seat. Because when you are in your 70’s you won’t remember who your boss was but you surely will remember the happiness you got when you followed your passion. All we need is that little push from our side.

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Off course it comes at the cost of giving time to our friends. But remember, your true friends will always understand and be there besides you in every walk of life. God has given us life and we have all the right to be happy and not compromise on anything and stay less happy.

So always try and put that little extra effort for following your passion and do not stop until that is the only option left !
Find YOUR INNER SPARK, fan it into the flame, and light the way forward to create what you desire !

Arushi Patkey

Youtuber 🎥
Fashion +travel +beauty


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— Oscar Wilde


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