Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to

Determined to succeed in life,

I can say I am both determined and destined to follow my dreams. As I belong to middle class family, I was always being told dreams doesn’t always fulfills and one should only keep the dream which are within their limits. Are any limits for dreams? One of my childhood dream was to travel across the world to know people, nature and culture. Being in a middle class and over that a girl, I was being restricted in all the activities and dream which I wanted to pursue. And the dream which I saw was much blurry.

Coming from an orthodox family it wasn’t an easy task but thanks to Mom-Dad who supported me to reach where I am today. It was in the year, 2006 when I was in 11th standard, when I was being selected to perform for dance competition at state level and we won it and I got an offer to move to Mumbai and make my career. But was denied by family on the cause that I should pursue my studies and all those are infatuations which I should avoid. Opted for Information Technology and wanted to pursue engineering, I worked hard day and night to finally crack the competition paper of IIT. But contrary to my expectation I wasn’t being allowed to move out of the city to pursue my engineering degree. At that time, It was told by the family/society to my parents, the girl child has to marry one day and move to another house just to take care of kitchen, there is no use of studying as they have to become homemaker only. It was the full stop to many of my dreams. Is a girl child can’t do anything, a patriarcal society always supports the men or a girl doesn’t have any right to dream? Time is changing but still there are people who thinks the same.

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I have always believed, and I still believe, that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way we can always give it meaning and transform it into something of value and I did it with the help of mom-dad who empowered me even though the family didn’t allowed. My parents pushed me to pursue my degree so that I can go out and explore this world on my ability, they always accompanied me wherever I wanted to travel, they stayed by me whole night just to make sure, my studies are going well. They made sure no one or nothing becomes a obstacle between me and my dreams. They made me join a college within city limits where I got my childhood friend, which was just not best friend but more to it, just my sibling. Whom I could share anything, anytime. It was in the 2nd year of my engineering, when I tried again for glamour world.

Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to.

First at local level in college, post that in community fashion show, where I won Best Dress, Most Photogenic and various other awards. But again the journey came to hault with the final year coming close and everyone feared that it might become obstacle to my degree. Now, the only effort was to get a good job, I got one but it was in Noida. Again “Delhi/Noida” isn’t safe for women, you aren’t allowed to go!! waited for six months to get a good job but ended up starting with 8K month in the city I am living. Looking for jump took me another 1.5 years struggle, there come a turning point where I was selected Among Top 15 in International Online Hackathon Competition and finally ended up getting a job in Mumbai, a dream city….I thought it would fulfill my many dreams, now I can fly like a free bird without any sky limit, to do things which I always wanted to do. And it turned out to be one explored so many places, interacted with people, experienced many new things in life but how long will it last? My glamour world dream was also about to fulfill when I was selected for…. I got my offer later from my dream company.

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But wait a second, I got engaged to a person so I can’t join the company I dream of. Within six months I got married and moved to USA with my spouse. In my life I never thought of traveling abroad, but I am traveling now. My husband always supported me and understood me, my dreams and pushed me in fulfilling the dreams I saw in the childhood. Finally I started a job in California, USA and traveling as a free independent women, I started understanding people, nature and culture. And with the help of my husband now I started with my own traveling blog. Where I share my dream….the dream which was very blurry one day. But I was destined to, the dream If I haven’t watched probably I wouldn’t have thought to fulfill.

“DREAMS come true, if you follow the path of your desired destination with confidence and determination by overcoming the fear of failure and keeping away yourself from what others says and think about you.”

Vinita Jain

Vinita Jain is an IT Engineer by professional whose dream is to explore the world, interact with people of different cultures & communities around us, capture the nature's moment. She is from Jodhpur, Rajasthan and currently live in California, USA. Recently started with a blog ZestySoul means "a soul with full of energy", who is ready to gear up to share her experience while touring the places.


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