Believe in your inner voice

Believe in your inner voice,

Follow your dreams, It is easier said than done. Right?

There are so many stories these days that people study something else, work somewhere else however end up finding their peace in a completely different type of job. And of course that famous saying, ‘do what you love and you will never work again’. This follows every success story.

Mine is no different. But it is a story worth telling. So here it goes.

Unlike others, I always knew that I wanted to be somewhere around the camera. And being a true blue 90’s kid, I was in love with movies and obviously the best comedy sitcom ever, FRIENDS. I was in awe of that series and each of the character. But more than that I was intrigued by the process behind the camera. I wanted to know how the sets were created and what the process of writing a particular episode and how the entire show shot in a closed set.

I developed a dream of becoming a journalist and to write my own little articles on things I like.

Where all the other girls of my age were dreaming of becoming Rachel, I wanted to know how was this character created? Ya of course I wanted to be Rachel as well.. I mean, who wouldn’t? And being so obsessed with the character actually helped me. I started learning about the details of that series which included writing, directing, styling the character as per the scene, emotion and characteristics.

I wasn’t learning all this with any motive of working in any similar field. It was just my pure love for the series. And while learning all this, somehow I developed a dream of becoming a journalist and to write my own little articles on things I like. Obviously there are no points for guessing that most of my articles would be inspired by my favourite sitcom.

But then change of fates took place. Due to some personal conditions, I had took up a job soon after school and could not apply for the mass communication course. I did my graduation from correspondence so between night shifts and day exams, life and dream started slipping away. I did accept the fact that it was a little too late.

I was now a part of this big bad world of corporate which was taking too much from me in return of the monthly salary which kept me hooked for a long time. But then came the turning point of my life where I had this epiphany that one day or day one.. what will I choose?
This changed my perception of my long lost dreams. First of all I started working as an intern with some photographers where i found my way back and returned to my first love, Camera. I learned all that was possible and started working as a part time videographer/cinematographer. I bought my own equipment, created my Instagram account, YouTube channel so that I could project my work to gain the feedbacks and can work over same to improve my craft.

Soon after I had pretty good knowledge and experience, I resigned from my regular job to pursue my dream. Everyone around me sceptical and gave me the sole advise of not to leave the job as it is my only safety net. But my job was my comfort zone and one can never achieve anything if they only think of being in a comfort zone. So I took the step. Soon I realized that I can even be in front of camera so I started ‘Being Rachel’. That was the plan all along, right? I did not follow her style but what did follow is the way how she dressed with utter simplicity yet look the ultimate diva. So I started working on my own photoshoots where I planned each shoot with a concept behind. The response was unreal and the love and appreciation made me stronger.

Today, I feel really happy that I took that step which mostly everyone fear upon. I haven’t reach my destination yet but I am surely enjoying my journey and I think that is what really matters.

I will only advise everyone to believe in your inner voice. Fight your fears and just give your dreams one try. One day or day one… choose it today!


A true believer of 'Aut Viam Invenium Aut Facium' which means either i will find a way or I will make one. At 26, when every other person was most awkwardly comfortable in their respective lives and jobs, I took a stand for my dreams and reinvented myself. 12 years of corporate service was not the experience I wanted to count on so took my to passions and conjoined them into one massive success story. I haven't reached my destination yet but the journey is even more beautiful so I am in no hurry.


  • Hi! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the excellent work!

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