One Life Million Dreams – Every Picture is a Story

Every picture is a story,

Hey all, Welcome to the story behind my lens.

As Arthur Balfour said “Enthusiasm moves the world”. It is my enthusiasm and curiosity in camera, developed me as a professional photographer.

It all started when I was 14 years old. My father always likes to freeze beautiful moments in the family. One fine evening he bought home a digital camera. It was a big surprise for a middle class family. I still cherish the first time i held a camera. I captured many photos – good and bad. I had no knowledge in photography but I loved holding camera and the pictures from it.

During my college days, with advancement in technology, I got my first mobile phone. The first feature I checked in my phone is camera. I decided to learn about camera and photography techniques. I implemented my learnings by taking many photos with my mobile. But I had the thirst to capture beautiful moments with much purity. Day by Day, to buy  a DSLR camera and become a professional photographer became my desire and passion.

I completed my degree in Bachelor of Engineering and got placed in an IT company. Though I was working in a good project, my career progress did not make me happy. The thought of being a photographer was always in my mind.

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Finally I bought my own DSLR camera. I saw videos of V2K Vinod and R Prasana Venkatesh and took reference and started learning. I had no team. I started to implement my learnings by taking small scale photographs . I opened a page in Facebook “CCPhotogram” and uploaded my photos. I received positive comments. This positivity boosted me to capture more impressive photos.Though I had the passion, I was unable to balance IT worklife and Photography.

Through photography, I started approaching life with much positivity. I belive that every picture is a story.

I got married. My wife, after seeing few of my photographs encouraged me to focus on my passion in a right way. That was a boost for me. I started all over again. I attended Photo walks. Muralimohan Kirshnan guided me and taught me many techniques. I started exploring more features in my camera and  Lens.  I uploaded my pictues in Instagram “cc_collinschristo” and posted my pictures in many blogs and competitions. I received few support and recognisations. My photography got featured in “Times of India” and “The World Through Lens“.

I decided to upgrade my camera. Fortunately Alpha competition got my notice. With God’s grace I was one among the winners. With the prize amount, I bought a new Sony Camera. Everyday is a learning. I have started to explore in Post processing to bring artistic effect in my pictures.

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My motive is to create my own identity in every photo. Through photography, I started approaching life with much positivity. I belive that every picture is a story. So I try to create picture with meaningful story which brings out hope and good in all aspects of society. I have always trusted my instincts before planning a shot. I have done many mistakes in photography but i learn from it. This trial and error method makes me patient and stable. It allows me to be more focused and gives me more ideas. Every picture has impacted me and gives me satisfaction. I will continue to learn and freeeze more beautiful moments. It was the passion and determination along with guidance and motivation created Collins Christo Ranjan as a Professional Photographer.

Collins Christo Ranjan

Software Engineer by Profession is a Passionate Photographer whose desire is to visit the unexplored places and showcase its beauty through his photos.

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