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Life's Travel Tales,

“Once you travel to a new place, you don’t come back as the same person.”

This sentence is true in so many ways. And surprisingly that’s the best part about Travelling. Every place you visit, you inherit something from there. For me, life’s all been about this. Shifting to a new place every two years, making friends in every city I’ve lived in, making memories in every small and big town, making a home in every station. This doesn’t happen that often to people unless your dad’s in the Army. So, in a way Travelling is in my blood, it has become a big part of me. And it’s just been growing every year.

That’s the reason I started blogging the beginning of this year on my own website, and it’s been going good so far. It’s mainly Travel and Fashion.

The last 2 years (2017-18) have been pretty interesting in terms in travelling. I’ve only been covering the mountains. Starting from Shillong with my best friend, to Leh-Ladakh with my family, to Jammu for the Katra Hike to Ooty on a road trip with friends, to Dehradun and Mussorie and Rishikesh to covering Himachal (Kasauli, Shimla and Kufri). It’s been amazing and so exhilarating. I’m glad I did take out time from Law School (which is pretty difficult) to travel to all these places I wanted to. And I’m in love with mountains. It’s so peaceful and serene. You can just sit there and be.

Lose your way and find your soul/ Travel far enough to find yourself.

Now, the coming year (2019), I’ve planned to cover a few beach-y place like Goa, Pondicherry, Andamans (although already been to Andamans and Goa); followed by which I’m planning to cover Rajasthan & Bhutan. Let’s see how that goes.

For me, the biggest satisfaction (or achievement) that I’ve is, barring 5 States in India, I’ve been to all. That’s pretty cool, right? All credits to my father for being such a travel enthusiast and passing that gene to me. And I feel pretty good about it.

Even though my life’s been pretty Nomadic, I’ve never felt like a Nomad. You put me in any part of India from Jammu & Kashmir to Kanyakumari; from Assam to Gujrat and I’ll be peaceful and feel at home.

Few Pictures from My Travel Journey:

Life's Travel Tales
Best Time with Beautiful Nature and Book Reading

Life's Travel Tales Life's Travel Tales

If you love travelling and you want to explore, just don’t think too much; just do it. “GO”! Book a ticket and go to a place you’ve been wanting to. And once you get the courage to do that, it’s infectious, it’s addictive. After that you can never stop. You’ll find ways to do it and fall in love with every place you go to and every person you meet.

Most important of which, you’ll fall in love with yourself. Like they say; “Lose your way and find your soul/ Travel far enough to find yourself.” As clichéd as that sounds, it is TRUE. There’s nothing more exciting than being to a place you’ve never been to and living there and exploring, it’s magical, it’s BEAUTIFUL, and it’s ZEN.

Happy Travelling.

Sakshi Prasad

Hey Guys, I’m a budding Lawyer who’s passionate about Fashion and loves exploring new places. Welcome to my World.

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