Positivity, hard work and will to succeed will be your strongest allies in life

Positivity, hard work and will to succeed will be your strongest allies in life,

Dreams are meant to evolve,  and that’s pretty much been the story of my life. Growing up I was raised with the sensibility that it’s important to be fiercely independent and strong.

I wish, more parents taught their girls to be that way. I was lucky that I was born and raised with a lot of love. Having said that, I wouldn’t deny that we did have our own share of issues, but the way we resolved our problems was through communication and lots of support towards each other.

As I turned 17, I was ready to take on the world.

Being the only child, it was difficult for my parents to send me to a boarding school, but it was also a decision that helped shape my future. Boarding school gave me wings and it was literally then I knew I was going to one day fly all over the world, and really live my life the best way possible. As I turned 17, I was ready to take on the world.

My journey since has taken me places, I’ve lived in UK, France, China, Canada and the States. I’ve accumulated 3 degrees and a ton of experience along the way. While I lived abroad one of the biggest things I learnt was to earn my own living and take care of myself. While a lot of my friends had it easy because their parents provided them with a glamorous lifestyle, I got the biggest gift of life – to learn to be strong and self reliant. Every year I worked hard, so I could receive scholarships. My parents too helped with the remainder of the tuition fee when the scholarships weren’t enough. Life as we all know is super expensive, I also needed money to pay my bills. I worked as a Residential Assistant at my University and did odd jobs to make extra money so I could take care of all other necessities.

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While this story may seem like a pretty normal one, a lot of people don’t realize how much of a struggle it is, for International Students, to be able to work legally in any country abroad. There are a ton of rules and regulations that make it harder to get a job that pays well and gives an opportunity for growth. The struggle was and is real.

Currently I live in Los Angeles, I work as a screenwriter and independent filmmaker. Anyone who works in the entertainment business would vouch, how difficult it is to get projects. It would have been one thing if I had chosen to come back to India to try and make it here, I’d have my family for support and to fall back on. Instead I challenged myself to make it, in an industry that’s harder to break into.

I strongly believe hardships provide a ton more of opportunities for growth. I have since worked harder to finesse my craft and broadened my horizons in the field by taking up projects as editor and cinematographer. I have also done Stand up Comedy, and Subtitling and Transcribing work for the biggest Production Companies in Los Angeles, to make ends meet as and when required.

I consider myself to be a strong willed person, an optimist who doesn’t give up no matter how many hurdles I have to face. When life says jump, I shout “how high”. If there was one thing I could share about my story is that don’t let the fear of failing, stop you from fulfilling your dreams.

It’s better to say I tried and failed, than to live not knowing the journey you could have had.

While I feel grateful for my parents to have given me the room to grow and the love and support to achieve my dreams. I strongly believe it’s important that we as individuals learn to be grounded and positive in our approach towards life. Life is hard and will always be, we all may have different struggles but the important thing is to find a will to survive and fight. I make it a point to motivate myself and those around me.
Positivity, hard work and will to succeed will be your strongest allies in life no matter what cards get thrown at you.

Saanya Chopra Dua

I am an Artist, Screenwriter, Filmmaker and Blogger, who loves Fashion, Reading Books, Traveling, and Eating. ?????‍?

Writing has been a big driving force in my life and a lifelong passion. Through my writing I love to share my life’s experiences, the struggles I’ve faced and how I’ve overcome them with positive outlook, hard work and will to succeed.


  • Hi Saanya, I can relate to this story completely. I am currently in the UK under a business holder visa. To be honest, I think the amount of odds are so much more. Equality of competition seems like a far fetched idea and there is a constant struggle to be within the restrictions and limitations which don’t apply to the vast majority around you. Sometimes, it makes me wonder that the game is rigged to make it far more difficult than it should really be

    • Hi Vinay, Indeed it’s true. The rules and regulations make it way harder to get the opportunities one wants. They say it’ll be easier for you to get work when you study there but that’s farce as well. Most universities don’t help their international students get placements or even a recommendation. Everything that I’ve done has been my own effort and while on one end I feel good about having made it even when the odds were not in favor. But I do wonder if there was a little help may be the journey would have been a bit smoother.
      One can only wish. But it’s true they do make things difficult and the ratio of people making it is quite small.

  • “There are a thousand things to push you down, but one more push and you can keep getting to the top”. Sorry this is a self made quote, but I do thoroughly believe in its impact 🙂

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