Friends : Our Chosen Family

Friends : Our Chosen Family,

They are the people who will be with you no matter what, they never judge you and never form any assumptions.

I am a girl who used to have tons of friends but as the time passed only few remained with me. Those few are like Quality over Quantity

As people say there are three phases of life

  1. Childhood
  2. School
  3. College

And I am lucky enough to have friends from all these three phases.

I still remember those world cup matches where we used to gather at a friend’s place and watch it together accompanied with maggie and what not.

From playing those roadside games we have grown up to a time where now we go on random drives remembering our golden childhood times.

Coming to school time

I have done my schooling from a Convent school there I have made some true Bonds. It was a girls school and it gave me a family beyond blood. I still remember how we used to giggle and share our lunch box. One of my friend used to eat all of my omelette and I used to eat only bread. From sharing our lunch boxes in school to sharing our deep dark secrets we all grew up.

Being in a girls school doesn’t mean you only do bitching and stuff but rather you build bonds that will stay with you life long.

From tolerating my drama to pampering me like anything, My friends have always stood by me.

I have seen best as well as worst days, My friends celebrated my best days and were a constant support in my tough time.

I’ll conclude by saying that I am Blessed with the Best.

Priyanka Punj

Warrior with a Pout
Makeup💄 Fashion 👠Lifestyle ⭐️ Blogger by choice
IT Engineer by profession

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  • Very nicely written…you pen down every thing so nicely that one feel like reading your articles…..god bless you Priyanka…looking forward to see more n more article in coming days…

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