Every endless night has a dawning day, Every darker sky has a shining ray!

Every endless night has a dawning day,

I swear by my headline. As a child, I never knew how the journey to fulfilling dreams would be. I thought everything just comes as easily as wishing for chocolate and having them. But the reality is fulfilling of a dream requires lots of focus, hard work, consistency, competence, confidence and seeing through the wall. Success doesn’t drop in your lap just like that.

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, I never ever thought will take up blogging as my career. It just happens or I was just meant being in this world. Lifestyle blogging has many flavors in it and you can cover so many topics under one blogging brand, for instance, fashion, home décor, food, travel, etc. So I chose Lifestyle blogging as my niche.

I have done my graduation in B’com and after that I did a Diploma in International Airline and travel management, I didn’t try hard to get my place in that industry as the love for it just faded within months of taking up a job in a travel agency, not because the line is boring but because I thought it’s not for me thou certain aspect of that line still appeal me. Although I love traveling to different places I thought I could fulfill that dream through other means.

My dream is to be Successful in whatever I do and to outdo my previous work.

At that time I was trying different things on the career front to finally settle for something of my heart & soul. I then tried teaching, I had my own coaching classes on a small scale where I had to do multitasking, like managing administration, teaching, organizing. Teaching gives you great satisfaction and harmony when someone you have been teaching does exceptionally well than before like from zero to hero.I always found great achievement in making an average kid excel to the point where they get 80 % or more.

My family never forced me over to take up any specific career. I was a free bird and on my will. While I was enjoying tutoring kids, was introduced to Multi-level marketing business by my Aunt, Initially, I was skeptical, but then I thought of giving a try and checking if it’s for me. Trust me, it’s not easy to sustain or retain your position in that kind of business.

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So I learned from here dealing with failure and understanding what works for me and what not. I understood multilevel marketing is not my forte. As you require people under you who are strong spirited and with never giving up attitude, unfortunately, I only came across those who took it as a hobby and never dreamed of climbing up the ladder of success. I was able to reach the ladder uptil the Senior manager’s position. But soon I realized I wasn’t enjoying. I didn’t fell in love with my work.

Instead of wasting time there I continued with my tutoring business, after a while I gave up at the same as I wasn’t getting solace…I loved nurturing and teaching kids but I felt there was something which I was not completely happy about. I took a break after a while just for passing time and making money I took up two small jobs one after another. Then I came across this career option where I am standing now, Blogging. I chose the lifestyle, It’s no easy to get opportunities here, you have to have lots of patience. It’s been a year now, and I have worked for a few clothing brands and I am working with few beauty product brands…

I am an Amazon influencer and Have my own Storefront with them. It’s my 2nd baby, As launching a brand @stargazerlilyofficial in the blogging world was my first. I write a blog here. My dream is to excel in whatever I choose to work on. I know I would achieve my dreams if I will constantly work for it. I know the path is not easy, but I also know it’s not impossible either. I have obstacles, but I will overcome them.

Things have started working for me, I am just taking time to bloom by waiting for great opportunities and choosing from upcoming offers… With storefront, I have a lot of work to do to flourish it, In short, found my line where I shall be happy and grateful too.

In future may get into some other things, but won’t leave these two that I started, so My dream is to be Successful in whatever I do and to outdo my previous work. I found my solace by juggling multiple things in my life and understanding what works best for me and accepting which line is not or me. All throughout the journey my mom was a great support.

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If you can accept what is your forte and what is not, you will be successful, bcoz everything that works for others may not work for you, this acceptance has helped me a lot to understand how to go about my career. And I am glad I am here blogging and trying to make living from it apart from sharing my experiences and gaining some. So I finally I am in love with my work.

Positive attitude and ability to see clearly in your dark days can fetch you success no matter what. Patience is the key & ability to take the right decision on right time takes you far.

Sadaf Alhaddad

A Lifestyle Blogger | Content Creator | Product Reviewer | Luxury | Travel | Fashion.

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