Be Your Own Inspiration

Be Your Own Inspiration,

We all have heard the phrase, “following the herd”?

Be it choosing the profession, following a fashion trend or even getting hooked to a fidget spinners. People tend to follow the herd forgetting what the basic purpose of taking those decisions are.

Some of these decisions taken are decisions which will define you for your entire life.

But how many of us, remain satisfied with them?

I feel some decisions that we have to take which can be life altering are very similar to the GOLDEN GOOSE. You help birth her, you love her, you pamper and nourish her and then when she is of age, you get rewarded with the golden eggs in exchange.

Simplifying it with the help of an example, by pondering on the decision of choosing one’s profession. If you choose your profession based on what everyone tells you to take or something which is trendy and yet does not make you smile, you will never be able to take care of her, pamper her or nourish her which in the end will make you feel lost and you will never be able to sow the benefits of it completely. Something will always remain missing. Hence no golden eggs for you.

You have to search that one profession that completes you.

God made every person different for a reason so that every individual is able to give back to the world differently; even if it’s in their own small way.

I became a dentist at the age of 22, finished my masters in hospital administration at age of 24. Started working for some really big hospitals in India as an international marketing executive and then as a business development manager. I thought I had found my niche as my profession gave me an opportunity to travel, reach out to people and help them attain the required medical attention. But then I moved to France after marriage. It changed everything for me.

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I realized how little I knew about the world and about myself.

It all started when I discovered an app which helped me use my imagination to design a space. I started posting my designs on Instagram because I wanted to share my imagination with the people out there . I felt as if new doors opened for me. Staying in a two bedroom apartment did not stop me from discovering something in me and letting a simple social networking platform becoming a gateway for me to let people know about my creativity.

Be your own inspiration and trust me it will not only make you happy but it will help you share that happiness with the world.

Then came my travels with my husband. I did not stop and started sharing my travel stories too. I found a new way to explore myself through these travels. I then realized its no point keeping my thoughts to myself. I started sharing my thoughts alongside the picture of my travel.

To be honest, I never though people will appreciate my stories as I was doing something which was not supervised by either my family or by my peers and yet it felt relieving.

It made me realise if sharing my story is becoming a source for someone somewhere in the world smile; I would do it.

There are people who still tell me to utilize my academic qualification to get a full-time job and not invest my time and my energy in such things. But I feel, I now know, what unleashes me. I am discovering myself every day through these travels and by interacting with as many people as I can. And, maybe tomorrow something much better will come along, something which will make me even happier. I still would like to share it with the world and hopefully find that one soul who would concur with my thoughts sitting somewhere in one corner of the world.

Unleash yourself, stop following what everyone else is doing. Follow your own self.

Be your own inspiration and trust me it will not only make you happy but it will help you share that happiness with the world; maybe in the form of good deeds or just by smiling at someone on the road. You never know, it might make their day.

When you unleash yourself, you let yourself loose. You tend to see things which you might not have observed even though these things were right in front of you. You feel things like you have never felt before. You open your mind to different experiences and these experiences might change your life forever.

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You might make mistakes in the process, you might stumble down feeling that there is no way of again getting up. But do not stop yourself. Embrace your failures as your achievement and move ahead as the universe has its own means of placing things in place and so will yours.

Mantra for life –

1. First open yourself

2. Clear your mind

3. Choose a path

4. Customise it

5. Be confident

6. Be Consistent

7. Be Perseverant

8. Be patient

9. Wait for the results

10. If successful, keep going and do not let the success go to your head

11. If you fail, still keep going and do not let the failure go to your head

12. Learn from your mistakes

13. Start with the cycle again

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