Mampi Ghosh’s dream tale to express every express through words

Mampi Ghosh’s dream tale to express every express through words,

Every art is God’s gift and every artist is the most powerful creation of God. If you can express your thoughts through pen and paper what could be better than that? And I’m so lucky for this. I’m very thankful to God that he has given me the power of writing. The power to express my every sweet and sour feeling through words. When I get depressed I share my emotion through poetry . When I become happy I spread my happiness through words through poetry. I think it’s the most intellectual medium for giving some worthy message to the society. Life is all about poetry and ups and downs in this journey of life is the rhythm of poetry.

As an author I want to tell the story of life, the actual life hidden within. Basically the story of every soul. In this modern world we all lives a mechanical life , far away from emotion affection ,love. But inside every person there is a second ‘I’, who needs our own attention love. I try to connect this second ‘I’. I love to listen him and try to express his words through my pen, through my poetry. Actually every poem do this.

And no achievement is more bigger than self satisfaction.

My first writing was a rhyme named ‘Durga Puja’, which was published in my school magazine. That time I was in class six then it was totally stopped. But I was connected to poetry through recitation. Recitation used to be my first love in school. And also my father used to recite at home. And I always got motivated from him. In the year of 2016 after completing my M.Sc. I started writing again. But I didn’t think of writing professionally. I have not even think of writing any book. But it all happened for his blessings. And I always thank my God for this.

mampi ghosh book,

Peoples from different age group appreciate my thoughts. I always get positive vibe, love and inspiration from my readers. I think it’s the biggest achievement that peoples from different age group likes you. When a person of 50 or 60 tells me that your writings inspire us or when they say that your thoughts are so mature. In this age you write so deep about life. I feel so satisfied. And no achievement is more bigger than self satisfaction.

‘Upasana’ is very special to me first of all its my first book. Secondly being my first book it contains all my non edited thoughts. I wrote this book like an amateur . So I think every word of this is very pure and is connected to soul.

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I generally don’t believe in planning. I have noticed that if you more concentrate on planning, things do not happen generally. We should not take life too much serious or too much casual. There must be a balance. Life is a flowing river, just flow with your own motion you will reach your destination by time. But if someone comes under pressure too much the journey of life seems to be very monotonous. As I said earlier life is all about rhythm it’s a living poetry. But if you come under pressure you will lose all its rhythm and life will become a cacophony. So let’s enjoy every tune of life you gonna a rock.

In this journey I want to take name of one person for whose inspiration and support today I’m here. He is renowned poet Sujit Mukherjee. He has redirected my thoughts and always helps me to find the new path.

If you can expand your thoughts you will give something good to this society. And I think everyone should follow their heart and keep going.

Mampi Ghosh

I was born on 22nd June 1993, in Medinipur district. I spent my childhood there. Now I live in Howrah district. I have completed my graduation from Vidyasagar College, Kolkata and masters from Scottish Church College, Kolkata. My father carries poetic nature and this has transmitted within me. From 2016 I started writing poems and my poems started publishing in various e-magazines and little magazines. In guidance of poet Sujit Mukhrejee my first book Upasana was published in 2018.

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