Each friend represents a world in us

Each friend represents a world in us,

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. That’s the thing about good friends, they create a new world within us, one filled with pure joy, love and beauty. They help us get through the darkness and always provide a flame as we pass through the sometimes seemingly endless tunnel. They make us feel safe and their kindness soothes and nourishes our heart.

We get to choose our friends:

When we born as a child we get so many relatives from our mother’s side as well as father’s side. All family members play beautiful roles in shaping us from childhood and throughout. Just try to remember when you were taken to school for 1st day, so many questions running through your mind:

  • Why no one else is coming along with you like your brother/sister, cousins, any other family members.
  • Why mom,dad leaving me here all alone
  • I want to be at home playing with my toys
  • Will these new people beat me when I am alone here

So many random thoughts would have been rising on your mind and suddenly one random kid from classroom would come sit next to you, talk to you(May be about toys, cartoons or how the same thing had happened with him and it will be okay). That very moment the simple act of selflessness teaches us about FRIENDSHIP – The beautiful relation where we get to choose our friends irrespective of our blood relations, cast, and religion.

Let me take you on an amazing ride along with my friends who have always been part of my life journey. Also we will get know about different phases of our life where we make new friends and it creates new world for us.

Friends in school days

School days are most carefree time of our lives and we have the best of our friends around with whom we literally grown up together eating from each other’s lunchbox, playing book cricket in boring classes, throwing paper balls to front row students to irritate the class-monitor.

Some of my school time friends are Rajendra, Happy, Hemanta, Amrutanshu, Litu, Titana. I was class-monitor from class II – Class IV, I had best times as I knew how other students can make it hard for me and we all used to have lots of fun when teachers were not around; without making we noise we all would be playing and one student will be keeping an eye while pretending as drinking water.

School friendships were, still are and will always remain the most uncomplicated, unconditional and endearing friendships. They selflessly share everything with us; from assignments and secrets, down to even a single toffee!   

And lastly, the ultimate joys of the ‘last bench’ would never have been discovered without them.

Happy College Days : Discovering a new world

The first best thing about college days is that we can now relax a bit from the heavy burdens and stress of 10th Board exams. During my college days I had to stay in college hostel; first time away from my home and hometown. But the best thing happened as I got my school time friend Amrutanshu as my room partner. Earlier he had changed school after class V. We settled well in the city and made new friends Aurobinda, Dattatreya, Jagannath, Parikshita. We used to explore the new city on our bicycles. One of favourite memory from those college times is eating icecream  while riding on bicycle under drizzling rain. Dattatreya made me a book addict as he had the collection of “Sherlock Holmes”. Jagannath was my saviour for chemistry and I used to save him from English. It was his first laptop where we installed and played GTA Vice City PC game. Me and Parikshita used to trouble a lot to our hostel superintendent; sometimes I feel how childish we were back then. But at teenage it happens a lot and the friends with whom you share these memories, they remain with us forever.

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During Graduation

After college gets over most of your friends may choose different career options and may have to move to different city, different university to pursue their career. I had opted for B.Tech, Computer Science and again I had to stay in hostel away from home; but this time it was bit easy for me. First few days just went in a jiffy for settling in and getting to know new friends (Bishwaranjan, Omprakash, Debasish Pradhan, Deepak, Anup, Atul, Debasis Behera, Abhinav, Sankalpa, Barada, Abhilash) at hostel during 1st year. And from my class I got the whole gang of my buddies (Aeneaus, Naresh, Debasis Sahoo, Shitalansu, Nishan, Rabindra, Rahul, Debadutta, Sameer). It was hell lot of a fun back then because we didn’t have had luxury of smartphones back then, so we weren’t crazy after PUBG, TikTok and all other virtual stuffs. So we were more into cricket related discussions or related unusual and tricky subjects we had to deal in our 1st and 2nd year. We had our respective teams in EA Sports Cricket PC game; we all bonded over cricket and it was the best feasible option for us during free classes as internet was damn slow like 2G until our 3rd year.

The best thing about friendship is unforgettable memories:

CSE GITA EA Sports Cricket Lovers,

This picture was taken by Abhinav with Nokia 5010 XpressMusic mobile when we were having an absolute cracker of a discussion between Me and Naresh where Rabindra, Aeneaus, Debasis were may be trying decode Naresh’s sarcasm which I had already cracked and having a laugh. Shitalansu was wondering whats happening there, so that he can also comment on the topic. This picture is most precious for me simply because there is pure joy, happiness and most of my best friends are in one frame. And this makes it the best candid picture from my college days.

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After reading my whole journey along with my friends and also if you try to remember your journey along with your friends, you’ll surely agree that each friend represents a world in us. Each of our friend teaches us, guides us, helps us and most importantly brings a new aspect of our individuality with their different and unique personas. With one friend you can be a star cricketer in your cricket world. With another friend you can be a musician, chess expert, bike racer. All friends have different hobbies, skillset, attitude; but one thing which bonds us into one is friendship over the years.

Thanks a lot all my dear friends who have been always there for me and for so many such wonderful memories.


Jayanta Ghadei

I am a Dreamer, a Believer. Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer with lots of imagination, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one.


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