Reetwika Banerjee’s Dream Tale

Reetwika Banerjee,

Reetwika’s Dream:

 Reetwika Banerjee is a Cyber Security Expert by profession and Cyber Security Counsellor by passion. She dreams to become the face of women in security, representing India in the global spectrum.

Reetwika’s First Step Towards Achieving Her Dream:

Reetwika had been a keen follower of technology related news and current affairs since her childhood days. Towards the beginning of 2008, when Reetwika completed her graduation in Engineering, then the market leader of mobility solutions Nokia’s N-Series was slowly losing its global market share to Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone. Right then, Reetwika had foreseen the need of information security which was going to hit the world soon after the technology boom.

Thus, she decided to accomplish her Business Management degree in information system and security domain from a reputed International university so that by the time the world gets used to smartphones, she is ready to counsel the users about the technological abuses of these cutting edge gadgets.

Today it’s 2019. So, almost a decade back, Reetwika had grounded the first step towards achieving her dream to become the face of Indian women in security.

Reetwika’s Journey So Far…

The very meaning of mobile or cellphone got changed almost overnight with the introduction of smartphones and with it came along an array of cyber risks and threats.

Today Reetwika Banerjee is a known name in the Cyber Security space. She is a professional Cyber Security Expert with more than ten years’ experience in the domain, presently associated with a North American conglomerate as their Enterprise Data Privacy Consultant. Her principal role is to advocate their senior management on on hi-tech cybercrimes and provides solutions to avoid data leakages and cyber frauds.

Cyber security at your finger tips

Reetwika’s Columns on Cyber Security Topics

Reetwika voluntarily offers social journalism for Different Truths (a multinational news portal) and regularly contributes to InfoQuest (the flagship journal of Infosec Foundation) as their Guest Author. Her articles cover diverse buzzwords of cyber security including Data Loss Prevention, Data Obfuscation, GDPR compliance etc.

About Reetwika’s Book On Cyber Security

In 2018 New Town Book Fair, her book titled ‘Cyber Security at your Fingertips’ got launched by eminent judges of Bangalore and Calcutta High courts. It was also featured as one of the most promising books of the year by various news and print media.

Cyber Security at your Fingertips’ offers a bag of handy, jargon free, easy to follow security tips for any ordinary person who is a regular user of various cyber technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, internet, social media, smartphones, laptops, PDAs, automatic cars, telebanking, multimedia, ATMs, 4G SIM and other modern technologies, gadgets and gizmos.

Find it on Amazon:

Reetwika As A Cyber Security Researcher

Reetwika has been into technical writing since 2010 and two of her research articles have been published in these international journals: –

  1. “Proposing a Digital Cloud Security Model to Fight Against the Potential Data Security Risks of Digital India” published in “Digital India – Rhetoric vs Reality” journal by Scholar Publications, Feb 2016.

(The book has received special recognition from the honourable Indian Prime Minister’s Office.)

  1. “Figuring out the Best Change Management Strategy in the Domain of Information Technology” published in Vignana Jyothi Journal of Management, Jan 2010

Reetwika is just back from Dhaka where she represented India at an international cyber security symposium organized by Infosec Foundation as the face of women in security.

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Reetwika’s Awards Till Date

Reetwika’s writing desk comprises of seven solo books which have won her five World and National records and multiple international awards. During leisure hours, she enjoys travelling, writing fiction (films, stories and poetry), travel blogs and movies in English, Hindi and Bengali languages.

Reetwika has won the following laurels for her literary and filmographic footprints since 2017:-

Reetwika with National Record certificate and her books

  1. “Swami Vivekananda Excellence Award 2019” by Seva Youth Guild (Govt. of India)
  2. “National Book Honour Award 2018” for Enta Habibi book under Relationships category (India)
  3. Nominated for Dada Saheb Phalke Award 2019 for couple of short films “Adhura” and “Hello Mamma” which are an adaptation of her stories “One Rainy Day” (published in “Fantastic 40” book) and “Maa Are You Listening” (published in “Zenova 20” book) respectively
  4. “Global Author of the Year 2018” by Power is You (USA)
  5. “Author of the Year 2017-18” by The Indian Awaz (India)
  6. “100 Inspiring Authors of the Year 2018” by The Indian Awaz (India)
  7. “Kavi Salam 2018” by Poetry Paradigm (India)
  8. “50 Influential Authors 2018” by The Spirit Mania (India)
  9. “International Icon of Literature” by Contemporary Literary Society of UP (India)
  10. “Creative Contestant” at Global Women Writer’s Fest 2018 by Fuzia

Reetwika as Guest of Honour or Jury
Reetwika is often invited by eminent organizations for guest speaking, judging literary contests, poetry slams, social journalism and delivering innovative research on cyber security and innovations in literature. Some of her recent honours include:-

  1. Guest of Honour and Jury at National Skill Development Corporation’s Skill Fair 2019 held at George Telegraph Institute’s Main Campus, Kolkata
  2. Jury of ‘Motivate India’ essay writing campaign (2017)
  3. Guest Speaker at Artage News ‘Ladies Special’ episode as Cyber Security Expert
  4. Jury of ‘Slam Prose’ contest organized by Rotaract Club of Central Kolkata (2018)
  5. Invited storyteller at Lit Fiesta 2018 held at Indian Council for Cultural Relations (Ministry of External Affairs)
  6. Invited poet at Poetry Paradigm’s ‘Kavi Salam 2018’ night
  7. Invited author at ‘Orange Window’ Gender Activism campaign of 2018 organized by Global Shapers Community Kolkata
  8. Invited Panelist at Ethos Literary Festival 2018
  9. Invited Chair Poet in Residence organized by IPPL
  10. Invited Panelist at at Sreerampose Pother Dishari’s annual celebrations of International Mother Tongue Day 2019

Reetwika’s Bibliography

  1. ‘Fantastic 40’ (collection of 40 micro stories)
  2. ‘Zenova 20’ (assortment of 20 short stories)
  3. ‘Bhanga Moner Dinga’ (set of 50 Bengali poems)
  4. ‘Cuddle & Clash’ (bag of 25 feather-touch stories)
  5. ‘Enta Habibi’ (mix of 5 romantic novellas)
  6. ‘Cyber Security at Your Finger Tips’ (non-tech handbook about cybercrimes and its prevention)
  7. ‘Travel Tales: Bengal on Wheels’ (Reetwika’s first trip diary with 20 offbeat travel destinations around Bengal)

Reetwika's trophies and medals

Reetwika’s Filmography

An Associate Member of Film Writers Association, Reetwika’s filmography comprises of five award winning short films in Hindi & Bengali (released in 2017& 2018):-

  1. Adhura (Incomplete)
  2. Hello Mamma
  3. Menopause
  4. Freedom
  5. Ittefaq Se

Reetwika's fiction collection

Reetwika’s National & World Records

She has also been awarded 2 World records and 3 National records for devising three innovative concepts in Modern Literature in three successive years in three different books.

Reetwika's World Record certificates and laurels

  1. Micro Story concept in her book ‘Fantastic 40’
  2. Coining ‘Zenova’ word in English dictionary in her book ‘Zenova 20’
  3. Proposing Love Palette Connection Theory in her book ‘Enta Habibi’

Reetwika’s Message To All

A native of Kolkata, Reetwika stays in Bangalore to pursue her professional career. However, on a personal note, Reetwika owns a very socially empathetic heart. A die hard Bengali by soul, she is closely associated with couple of charitable societies of Bengal – a rural orphanage (Ram Krishna Ashram) and an urban spastic children home (Ashraya) where she plays a tiny part in making their lives look truly beautiful and honoured. Divinely blessed by St. Teresa of Calcutta in her childhood, she dreams to follow Mother’s preaching by heart and create a liberal India for all.

 Through the book ‘Cyber Security at your Fingertips’ Reetwika wants to share a loud and clear message to all technology users that all her counselling tips will go meaningless if users don’t own their acts in cyber space. So, it is extremely critical for everyone to choose only a handful of security measures suggested in this book and follow them diligently so as to enjoy a safe cyber life.

Reetwika’s Coordinates: –

To connect with Reetwika, or to know more about her cybersecurity tips, feel free to reach out to her through any of the below coordinates: –

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