Shubhramita Chakraborty’s dreams, aspirations and journey of becoming a published author

Shubhramita Chakraborty’s dreams, aspirations and journey of becoming a published author,

The prime goal of one’s life, I think, is fulfilment of one’s dreams. We, human beings, are blessed with the faculty of intelligence and mere survival on our daily necessities does not satisfy our mental hunger. We must nurture our passion and do something that satisfies the creative urge of our mind and serves as a nourishing food for our soul. I have grown up reading the literary works of our greatest poet Rabindranath Tagore whose philosophy towards life and nature is immensely powerful and thought-provoking. I used to re-read his poems and find the underlying meaning different each time. It is an ennobling experience to read the literary works of Tagore. I am, by nature, a very creative person.

My creativity sometimes takes the form of painting too. But my creative instinct is expressed best through my writings. Yes my creative answers won me two first prizes in my college as ‘The best student in English honours’ and having ‘Highest marks in English honours’. Those prizes acted as a huge source of motivation in later years while pursuing my master degree.

Writing is not just my hobby but my passion too. I wrote my first poem during my school days. I have been writing actively since my days of college when I took up English literature as the course of my study. I was deeply inspired by literary stalwarts like Shakespeare, Marlow, Wordsworth, Keats and Coleridge. Also, Irish poets like James Joyce and W.B. Yeats had a deep impact on my mind. I found Robert Browning and Jane Austen marvellous in their style of writing poems and novels respectively. Again, Indian writers like R.K Narayan and Ruskin Bond are my all time favourite. I derive immense pleasure out of writing, be it stories or poems. I love to explore the deep-seated philosophy underlying the core of existence of every natural or made-made forms.

I nurture a beautiful world of imagination deep inside my mind. It is a sort of utopian world, shorn of the roughness and harshness of reality. It is a wonderful world of enigmatic pastoral beauty and peaceful for all living creatures. Through my writings I try to re-create that world of beauty keeping intact the world of reality. My dream is to become not only a renowned but also a compassionate author and poet who will hold the true mirror to humanity. By profession I am a teacher. Dealing with my students from multiple strata of society has made me more humanistic, realistic and mostly compassionate. So in the mirror of future, I would definitely like to see myself as an internationally acclaimed author, serving the purpose of living for others as well. Yes winning some prestigious and international awards is my cherished dream that I cultivate every moment deep in my heart.

I wish to publish many more notable works in future touching upon a variety of vivid and realistic themes.

I dreamt of becoming a published author since my childhood. Publishing my debut book of poetry is a step ahead to fulfilment of my dream. But I am far to achieve my dream in its fullness.

I wish to publish many more notable works in future touching upon a variety of vivid and realistic themes. Quality of thoughts and expression is extremely important to me. It is more important than quantity. So I want to explore the genres and themes attempted by few or nobody before. At present I am focusing on my second book which is a new exploration of some marvellous pieces of history. I would like to keep the rest as a surprise for my readers. My sincere thanks to Literoma for publication of my first piece of literary work named ‘Raindrops’.

Raindrops BookMy book ‘Raindrops’ contains poems of multiple themes. A number of poems are based on nature. Nature is somewhere as dry and vast as the desert of ‘Sahara’ and ‘The White Desert’ and somewhere as green and fertile as ‘The Golden Grass’ and ‘The Dew’. These contrary aspects together give wholeness to nature or our biosphere. There are also poems set in the background of cosmos like ‘Krishna’ and ‘The Pink Star’. Again poems like ‘The Little Bird’ , ‘The Embrace’, ‘The Rose’ and ‘The Golden Rose’ are my experiment with the beautiful theme of love.

Mostly the two series of poetic fiction named ‘The White Desert’ and ‘The Coconut Beach’ are my first attempt to poetic fiction genre where the poems are interconnected with a delicate narrative thread. I hope to win the love of all my esteemed readers through my writings.

Shubhramita Chakraborty

Shubhramita Chakraborty holds a Master degree in English literature. She lives in the city of joy, Kolkata. She is a teacher of a Government Sponsored High School under government of West Bengal. She is a very creative person and has written a number of poems. ‘Raindrops’ is her debut book of poetry in English and her first attempt to poetic fiction genre.

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