The Quest of Happiness

The Quest of Happiness,

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Happiness is something that holds a special place in our heart. Whatever we do throughout our life is all for the sake of adding some extra pinch of happiness in our future days. Whether we are chasing our dreams or toiling for more hours to reach our goals, we are actually trying to make ourselves happy with our life. In spite of leaving the life designed by others, some people find happiness in following and establishing them as per their own choice. Some of them find happiness in following the path followed by others. The definition of happiness is different for different people.

Whatever we do throughout our life is all for the sake of adding some extra pinch of happiness in our future days.

Some people find solace in living the secure life some finds it to be nothing but a boring life schedule. For them take up challenges in life are is synonymous with the ultimate happiness of life. Here, I am going to share my point of view about what is happiness for me. Being an author or more clearly a poet rather it is always a solace for me to be able to explore different human emotions and nature. Whenever I become able to connect my thoughts with the inner self of anybody I feel happy.

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It makes me feel like I have any superpower or something special like that to read their minds, their emotions, their unsaid grief or their silences. It helps me to get into much closer with their inner self. It helps me to read their silence and unsaid grief. In long run, it shapes my thoughts and write-ups. So, I become tremendously happy when I get connected properly with their thoughts and emotions. It makes me feel so down to earth and I can feel the presence of a positive vibe in my head and mind.

Observing people thoroughly and reading their mind is something which I love to do from my childhood days. It helps me to draw different characters in my writings. After publishing my first book I have faced few questions regarding this. My book is a poetry book which portrays the emotional ups and downs of a girl who is introvert in nature too. That’s why she failed to convey her feeling properly all the time. Sometimes she lacks the courage and sometimes she just doesn’t want to convey it publicly. My readers asked me whether all of those emotions are felt by me or not. But, it is not the emotions that I felt personally rather it was the collections of feelings of various girls in different situations that I have observed.

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Some of the readers told me that they find many similarities with my characters whom I portrayed in my poetry. My happiness knew no bound after hearing that because my keen observation was proved to be absolutely correct. My aim to portray the inner-self of a person and the ups and downs of their mental peace regarding various situations has somehow become successful. I always wanted to make the other people understand how some introvert people really think and though showing a smiling face all the time what exactly they feel in deep of their heart. When people say that they find my characters much familiar with their own feeling and character, I find myself happy. I feel so accomplished with my work and ability to observe.

I find peace and happiness when people love to get vis-à-vis with themselves through my writing because it accomplishes me that I am able to make an introvert self face his/her inner personality. Reading my work helps them to discover their true self and the actual thing that they want to say and establish in their life. They got the exact terms, words, and courage to accept and show up their true self and they start to believe that being less expressive is not a crime. It is not a fault in their personality for the sake of which they have to let themselves down in front of others rather they possess the level of maturity that restrict themselves to react in every situation they face. I feel so happy when my readers get such support, the courage to voice their own being without any shame or fear.  I feel happy when such people feel satisfied with their own personality and stop worrying about their introvert self, thinking that due to their less expressive character they are somehow lesser than the others.

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So, in short, my happiness is all about showing the mirror to the people who ran away from their true self thinking that they may have some fault in their personality. My happiness is to discussing their emotional highs and lows in different situations so that they come to know that this is neither an issue to get worried of nor a fault of their nature to become ashamed of.

Happiness is all about fanning the emotional inclusion of every single person out there with the world. So, that we can claim to be civilized not only verbally but also literally.


Hi, I am Jagriti Roy. A teacher in profession and a ameture blogger too. is my blog link. I have just published my first poetry book which is doing good in Flipcart, Amazonil India, Amazon UK, and Infibeam.

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