Rahul Tushar’s Dream Tale to become a Novelist

Rahul Tushar’s Dream Tale to become a Novelist,

In 1978, as a teenager, I wrote my first poem, ‘My Struggle’, an amateurish attempt at defining my life goals. When I read it over to my father, who was a published author himself he said, “Son, this is where your heart lies, pursue it”. I guess that was the spark which ignited the passion for writing in me. As I grew up my profession demanded extensive traveling across the length and breadth of the country and in my quest to understand people and their culture, I scribbled whatever touched my heart. For a number of years I wrote only for myself. It never occurred to me that I should organize my scrawly notes until a piece submitted by me in a competition received the top honors. It made me dream big – dream to be a published author.

Rahul Tushar Book, Yourdreamtale.comWhen ‘Ballad of a Belle’ was published the first few felicitations were from the people who personally knew me and I wasn’t sure whether the superlatives of praises that were bestowed were not entirely their civility. However, when reviews by readers from across the country who were unknown to me started appearing on Amazon, I felt it was much beyond my dream that I have achieved.

The common thread in over ninety percent of the reviews that ‘Ballad of a Belle’ has received is the ease with which the readers could relate to the storyline and the way plots unfolded. These, I feel kept the reader hooked to the novel till the last page. In fact I got numerous feedbacks from readers who said that they felt they were watching a web-series and could actually visualize the scenes. I guess it is the storyline which catapults ‘Ballad of a Belle’ to the Top 10 slot.

Besides my father who inspired me to pursue my heart, it is actually the love of my readers which has helped me realize my dream.

My upcoming book, ‘The Sinful Oracle’, belonging to a completely different genre, is already in the press and should be on the stands by Jun-Jul 2019. In fact this book had been in the manuscript form for the last six years due to the extensive research I had to undertake to ensure that whatever I wrote about a particular culture of a bygone era was completely authentic. I am excited it is finally seeing the light of the day. The spadework for my next book, ‘The Rule of the Colonels’, is taking shape and I would love to believe that by mid 2020 it should be available to my readers.

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Besides my father who inspired me to pursue my heart, it is actually the love of my readers which has helped me realize my dream. Every reader who either wrote a mail to me or spoke to me over the phone and most of all those who took out time to write their views helped me cherish my dream. I am so very grateful to each one of them.

To my fellow authors especially to those who were fortunate like me to earn some name in the literary world I want to request not to mass produce the sequels following near similar storyline. The temptation to write, ‘Love You’ and then ‘Love You Again’ followed by ‘Love You Always’, because ‘Love You’ sold two thousand copies is not fair to the readers. I would actually impel fellow writers to explore writing in different genre. That would really be so creative.

To my readers I would request to read new authors, unknown authors. A discerning reader can judge a book within a couple of pages so at least try reading lesser known and new authors. Established names often become rusty after a dozen books.

I wish to congratulate and thank Literoma Publishing Services for organizing the carnival to showcase high quality literary works. I am sure it will propel people’s interest in going back to reading BOOKS.

Rahul Tushar

Born to a family of broadcasters, Rahul secretly desired growing up in the corridors of National School of Drama at Mandi House, Delhi. However, with ‘chakras’ in his feet and Mars as his ruling planet, destiny had already charted a different course of life for him. Travelling across the entire length and breadth of the country, he was destined to fall in love with the concept of India. His wanderings turned him into a die-hard patriot and a moderate nationalist. He scribbled whatever touched his heart, till one day when he decided he must ‘write’. Since then, he has been in overdrive. Besides ‘Ballad of a Belle’, his next work of fiction, ‘The Sinful Oracle’ is in the Press. Life in this maddening city drives him to the wilderness of the mountains every now and then. Till the time he adopts some hill top as his abode, he continues to residing in Delhi.

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