The unheard story of a Mother

While appreciation for any parent should be every day of the year, I still love to extra appreciate mother on this special day. I had no idea how hard (yet amazing and best creation of God) motherhood would be until I got there. So my love and respect for my own mom (and anyone out there who has ever raised a child) grows more and more every day.

When a lady gets pregnant, it’s the first and the best DREAM of any girl ever. Like she got everything in her life knowing that many situations and circumstances she has to go through in those 9 months. She keeps her energy high all the time and all possible things which she can do to make her Dream come true. Sometimes she gets irritated with mood swings, Body structure changes, water coming out, allergy sometimes with different foods as well, Not able to roam around like she used to do, different marks on body, clothes won’t fit to her and many more such side effects. Despite of all these, still she carries the same enthusiasm and excitement Ki one day that day will come and she can see her DREAM COME TRUE. Also interesting thing is she does many things to have the best creation like Listening to Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata, good books, keeping the cute babies on the wall and waiting for it. How beautiful it is!!!

You make the Sacrifices so your children can have the life that they deserve.

Finally after 9 months , Her DREAM COMES TRUE and likewise this whole world is the creation of many mothers and their Amazing , beautiful DREAMS . So we all should be Thankful always to her sacrifices, the pain she bear for all of us .Lets Go to our Mom, hug her and let her know how special and close she is to our heart.

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As I look back on my Life I find myself wondering. Did I remember to thank you for all that you have done for me????
For all the times you were by my side to help me celebrate my success and accept my defeats?
Or teaching me the value of hard work, good judgements, courage and honesty?

I wonder if I have ever thanked you for the simple things, the laughter, smiles and quiet times we shared.
Yes I am expressing now and thanking you now and want to express my Love for you.

These are the lines from her on this special day which means a lot to me:

Maa poem 2020

Wishing you all the Mothers here a very happy mother’s day. Gratitude from bottom of my heart and without you The World is impossible. It’s all possible due to YOU & YOU only.

Pallavi Joshi Mohapatra

Hello everyone, I am Pallavi Joshi mohapatra from Odisha... I am a Dreamer, an Entrepreneur whose DREAM is to touch MILLIONS OF HEART by my acts.. Want to change many lives.. My passion is to make people Smile, bring happiness in people's lives.. I love to travel, make handmade cards, interact with new people...
Currently working In Infosys, Pune also decided to be an Entrepreneur which is my long term vision. This is a small inspiring story I shared about DREAM .. Hope you will like it and suggestions, feedbacks are most welcome...

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Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.
— Napoleon Hill


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