Happiness is not something you postpone for future; it is something you design

Happiness is not something you postpone for future; it is something you design for the present,

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AN EDITION HIGHLIGHTING 2019 GOALS : I still remember taking walk on those streets in the heart of Kolkata. We all call it with the name of “Maidan”. It’s located in the middle of Kolkata where you will see both parts of society one who gets down from “Benz” and the one who seats near the “Benz” yes I am talking about homeless people. I have heard people talking about their business losses and also the people shivering with cold with half-filled stomach. I have also seen a poor 13 year old kid buying a piece of “Samosa” with its hard earned money from its entire day and consuming it with the sense of “Self Satisfaction” and also the Benz classes worrying and negotiating about every little things and cursing the situations for not being fair enough with them. I have seen people getting Happily Married and at the same time someone getting Happily Separated. Yes, Happily Separated they started believing that they aren’t made for each other. I have seen a person smiling just hearing the sound of its coins.

The topic is Happiness and let me tell you the events I have mentioned is a set of happiness for all the mutually exclusive individuals. You think Business losses are bad? But it tells you where you need to rectify the process to multiply its profit or to graduate from Sub Normal Profit to Supernormal Profit. You think Shivering with Cold is bad? Ever saw a Monk with Woolen Garments? The talk behind this conversation is everyone is happy with their present state we only drag about the things which we do not possess but we want to but we never appreciate things which we possess. Talking about Half-Filled Stomachs I have seen their family time; siting and gossiping together seeing their child growing. I have seen a wife of martyred soldier who served once for our country is happy and she believes her better half is always with her and she feels proud of him. Ever felt the first feeling of being in Love and being crazy to meet that person and ever you felt that feeling of your first Breakup that makes you realize your importance in your life. Ever saw a mother crying happily when you won a medal or Award?

Happiness is not something you postpone for future; it is something you design for the present.

This are all happiness for us it’s just a statement of mind where you must see, “How Rich you are in respect to others” and I believe you will find yourself rich and happy only the most unhappiest incident starts when you feel you have less compare to others but I believe everyone is rich.

And if you’re talking about my perspective being Happiness “Kulhar wali Chai” makes me happier then Imported Crockery Set. Every tasted Bhel on Streets adds more tastes in life than any air-conditioned restaurant ever. Yes I am crazy about Cars but taking walks on the Streets of India and Capturing Peoples Journey makes me feel more comfortable. Meetings on the banks of Ganga makes me more happiest and richest person in that natural sunlight compare to High Technological enriched Corporate meeting rooms. Ever had food on Banana Leaf that is happiest thing ever to get served on Italian Crockeries.

With this article I just want to say, Find Happiness in everything and you will be able to see it and celebrate life as a blessing. I wish the Readers HAPPY NEW YEAR and may this New Year brings you lots of happiness and positivity.

Have a great 2019.

Govind Saraf

Google Certified

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