Everything happens with time : Seize your moment, Change your life

Everything happens with time : Seize your moment, Change your life,

Hello guys, My name is Prashant Basista. I am a digital marketer and youngest digital entrepreneur in India. In this article, I will explain my full journey from nothing to everything.

Prashant Basista,

So guys, let’s start from beginning when I was in school. In 2018, when I was 15 years old and my daily routine was normal just from school to home then Tuition, after that dinner and sleep.

I wanted to do something new and unique to live nicely.

I had a lot of interest in social media platforms, I enrolled in different meetups to gain more knowledge and experience. After that I was successfully able to manage the social media accounts.

Later on by my work and perfection I got my clients who are well known public figure and celebrities. I started working with Hootsuite and Mailchimp, for best results.

Just wait everything happens with time

Honestly speaking, I got this motivation for my business after my breakup. I was in a relationship with my 10 years old friend. We are in a relationship for almost around 2 years but time changes: priority changes and she left me when I needed her the most. I cried many nights and still I am waiting for her message and call, but I changed my breakup emotion into my business development.

According to me marks doesn’t matter, if you are a successful business man no one will ask about your marks that you got in examinations, no matter you fail or you top in the exam. Everyone see your current situation not your past.

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I became a social media expert and won the trophy at the age of 16, this trophy is for all who wish to do something new and unique at very young age.

Now I am successfully running my business and also I started investing in stock market to learn new algorithms and to gain more knowledge and experience.

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Now I am giving motivational speech on business development to all of the who wish to do something unique. My family always supported me, a big thanks to them. They never left me and help me to achieve what I want. My sister always say ‘just wait everything happens with time‘ this quote always help me to get over gave up. My sister always motivated me when I gave up, she always supports me.

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I only want to say to everyone, if you are a parent, its my humble request just ask your child what he/she wanted to do in life and please don’t pressurize them. And if you are a child, I want to say think about your family and yourself only.

Thank you

Prashant Basista

Digitalmarketer | Business Developer | Youngest Digital Entrepreneur |
>Co-founder and Ceo of 'thedigitalfame'

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  • Hey prashant
    Your success story is like awesome, everyone get success because of a girl n u also get success because of a girl only n the girl is your mom, your sister they are the reason behind this, be thankful to them
    I wish you get more success like this ❤

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