Constant effort is the ladder to success

Constant effort is the ladder to success,

Hi everyone,

I hope you guys are doing great.I am Rohit Soni from Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh. The story starts from 9th class, I was an extreme extrovert, talented and famous student during school. But at the other side, I used to eat alone in the restaurant. From that particular time I believed in self-love. In school I used to participate in all the extracurricular activities such as sports, declamation, quiz etc. Having no dreams, I was flowing with the course of life; wherever it took me.

During my higher secondary school, I met my best friend, he was the only person I trusted a lot, even to an extent that we exchanged passwords of our social networking sites. Days went by with our friendship and I never planned about my future. After we both planned to go to same college, without thinking about any other entrance examinations, the day came when we went to fill the college admission form, to my surprise, he refused to fill, telling me that he would go somewhere else.

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From that day the real journey of my life started. We had changed our paths, I took admission in a college where I also found a crew called “Lassya”, first ever hip hop crew in Chandigarh.

Destiny will bring you to right path at right time.

I went for dance auditions and got selected and my life started to change. I still have my best friends from that crew. Those were the best three years in Lassya. I am a Lassya-ite till I die. In those three particular years I learned how to live life, how to be practical, how to balance everything, leadership qualities everything.

During my final year I started my job as a graphic designer in digital media company “” worked for 7 months, my only 9-5 job with amazing experience. I still am thankful to my friend who was the reason behind the admission to my college and I learned a lot in those particular years, as I got best of friends. Maybe if I had planned everything after my twelfth class then I might not be here where I am today. After quitting job, I started my startup as founder of production house which I am still running.

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With this start up I came to Mumbai in 2018 and I have done a lot of acting workshops from FTII and NSD alumini’s, I have been doing theatre since the last two years, living my dream in Mumbai where I am working as an actor now. Today I take mindfulness and acting workshops which makes me so happy., job startup and then working as an actor. Destiny will bring you to right path at right time.

I just want to tell everyone to believe in self-love believe in you cause nobody else can stop you from achieving your goals. Keep learning, keep growing as learning never ends. If you are perfect then maybe there is nothing to life for.

Always think twice before giving up, ask yourself “why did you start? Have you worked so hard just to quit? So never give up, be consistent but also be more persistent in life, therefore you will definitely achieve your goals. Remember to spread love and positivity in the world.


(Edited by: Shruty Pattnaik)

Rohit Soni

I am someone who strongly believes in the power of self love, which means that I have strong faith in my abilities and through them I hope I will be able to achieve my goal of making a change in others’ lives one day. I also consider myself an artiste who likes expressing through dance and acting. The quote that I leave by is a spanish phrase ‘Que Sera Sera’ which means whatever will be, will be. And following this helps me maintain an emotional neutrality that helps me take objective decisions.

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