Dream journey to become Digital Marketing Freelancer

Dream journey to become Digital Marketing Freelancer,
 I am a person who was really quiet and shy during my school days. Later I found out who I am, actually. To begin with I am brought up from a middle-class family. The younger one in the folk. Like most of us, I was also curious about certain things which my brother caused to enhance his skills and career. Four years of my life (2010-2014), I was pursuing electrical and electronic engineering like most of us out of curiosity. As the trend is Engineering. There I understood what was my real love.
Joined as a member of IEEE & WIE wing of my UG college, just knew it was a technical club no more than that.


where there are energy and eagerness to learn there come to a team work
Watching the small team, with lots of energy and motivation, it made me to volunteer work. The proverb tells “where there is will there is a way”. Here it is “where there are energy and eagerness to learn there come to a team work”. I organized events like paper presentation. Took the marketing of events to next stage.
We had various clubs, funny thing and healthy competition were to get more likes for our FB page, though we all were friends. The next funny thing was many remember the friend’s name as their FB profile name. I understood we can make use of Social Media to raise events. That was the time I also understood I have some presentation skills.
Like other engineers, once college was over, Started my career in IT industry. I found a few things while there. The joy of Travelling, New friends, India’s local American culture, IT world & SAP. Nonetheless, money or the Bangalore lifestyle did not attract me much. 5 months, 5 different job location within Bangalore. The end result was love for travel, dislike for software job & passion for MBA. People surrounding me always made me feel MBA was a wrong decision. I proved it as wrong. The reason is the first MBA out the entire family crowd. Proved to the family that managers do require MBA and they understood that MBA made me realize what life is. That too with Marketing & operations, which was suggested as a combo not to be taken by the girls who opt for placements.



Starting from live projects to organizing events. Grabbed the opportunity to be a part of Admission process. This told me “Opportunity knocks, the door not always”.
 The social Immersion project was to, installing sanitary napkin & wending and destroying machine  at Government Schools. Learnt how people without MBA are managing a business.  Again got another energetic mentor who told me that “what I was faring as a part of Digital Marketing.”

Slowly started learning a bunch of new things.  One was news analysis, which granted me the confidence to connect learning with real-time. Next, started a team for learning and helping my friends and college students who are interested in Digital marketing. Next was the transformation of Traditional marketing to digital marketing. At the same time, understood my interest towards Brand management.

In 2017 started blogging. Blogging opened me learning digital marketing in depth. From choosing a mentor till explaining people about choosing this career stream was the most difficult path in my careers life. Being a person from middle class family in South India ??  Spending money after masters was most difficult time for the family. Unlike other women’s parents Moro was girls to get settles before marriage and get married. Yet my passion drived me. Rebranded for Digital Marketing freelance and consultation with helping many none who needs a good mentor in digital marketing stream.

But Now 2018, the same domain is used for achieving my passion to profession. Proved digital marketing freelancer is a source of income after getting first payment from client. Online marketing executive and with my personal brand for freelance and consultant work. Who said person from city like salem can’t be a digital marketer. Yes, opportunity is less but why can’t I take the first step. All those rough path now is the source for becoming women entrepreneur as well executive. ”When learning stops, Growth stops”.  My learning continues with leveraging technology in marketing, one of them is artificial intelligence in digital marketing, Martech and Analytics.


Young Online Marketing Executive, seeking an opportunity to be part of a reputed organization to constantly learn, relearns and employs various competencies required for organizational and mutual growth.

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