A man who went miles for his family – Anil Chopra

A man who went miles for his family - Anil Chopra

Hey guys after a long time a got a chance to meet “A man who went miles for his family – Anil Chopra

In an exclusive interview he shared his life struggles and overcomes.

What he said in the interview:

A roller coaster ride, yes that was exactly how my life has been. At a very early age I started earning as books were never my best friends. At the age of seven, I took the whole responsibility as my mother died due to atrial septal and my father being an auto driver made ends meet.

Baby steps were taken. My first job at the age of 18 was as a share broker. Every year I kept changing jobs in order to find a good job with sufficient income. With the time I found a stable job in a powder coating company where I worked for seven years. With a lot of stability and excellence I worked there as a supervisor.

As life moves on so did I. I got married to a lovely lady at the age of twenty six. I was blessed with a baby girl who motivated me to move forward in life an earn for a living for my family. I started advertising the powder coating company of my own, by travelling to different cities. And dream of travelling to various cities.

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The real challenge and as they say the break down period creeped in my life when my father died due to cancer. I was left with darkness but the only ray of hope and light were my two daughters and my wife even when I was left with nothing not even a job. A little savings which I had left with me would barely let my family survive for a month. I built up myself as a food seller on the roads of Delhi. When the whole world was making fun of me that’s the time my sister held my hand.

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Challenges and struggles last for a short period of time and in my family it just lasted for eight months. I got a job in LED company. I have worked there for four months and I earn well. Right after four months I am here with my own company. It took me thirty six years to be on my feet with my own business. This roller coaster ride has been bumpy but it taught me that one should never give up on themselves. There is always a ray of hope and in my life it was my family and my two angles my daughters.

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