My Dreamland : My Perfect Little World

My Dreamland : My Perfect Little World,

Welcome to my Dreamland. I am so excited for you to be a part of my dream world. In this world of mine, you’ll find everything that you fantasy. Imagine this, you don’t have to worry about anything. In my dream world, you don’t have to wake up early to go to school or work. There is no rule or any “norm” of studying for about 30 years of your life and then spend the rest of it working.

In my dreamland, once you get passionate about something, you can easily get the job by applying your passion to it. Instead of you paying your fees, the school board will give you money to learn and become wise. Basically, if you get paid to learn and learn to become passionate and apply that passion to your job, you’ll do an amazing job for which you’ll get paid. Perfect, isn’t it? Also, in my dream world, there is no hate or bad thoughts that can pass by your mind. It is simply impossible. Everyone is nice to each other and you can only feel the love for one another. Everyone accepts you for who you are. There is absolutely nothing to worry. This also means that you can’t hate anything including healthy food. Therefore, everyone is healthy and happy. Again, isn’t it perfect?

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Or a little too perfect? Also, very imaginary. It is so easy to create a dreamland where everything is so perfect yet so far from reality. Our dreams are inspired by real life events but with a little twist of imaginary. It feels good to dream big. Your dreams can also become your reality but that will need some hard work, unlike my dreamworld.

My dreamland is way too perfect. Unfortunately, whether it is about people, food or anything else, hate will always exist. Our dreams are usually better than our reality but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, our dreams turn into nightmares. Every night, you can dream or have a nightmare, but you only have one reality which is when you open your eyes every morning.

Your dreamland can be perfect for your inner self, but your reality should be perfect for the real you.

It is no secret that life is hard and that we need to work hard to get somewhere. But that’s also what makes life exciting. You won’t get bored because you’ll always be challenging yourself to be better. Unlike my dreamland where everyone is nice and accepts you for who you are, in real life you have to fight for yourself and make everyone respect you. You have to own your respect and make yourself proud. This requires strength, courage, dignity and much more. Your dreamland can be perfect for your inner self, but your reality should be perfect for the real you.

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There is so much to be inspired from in this world. That includes all those amazing writers who takes us to a whole new journey with their beautiful stories. We each have our own story, our dreams, our reality. Make sure yours is a good one and inspires the world to become better.

Even though life is hard, we should be able to enjoy it. Life is short but beautiful. We should live our dreams instead of imagining it because our dreams can become our reality.

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