The journey from cubicle to creating my vanity

The journey from cubicle to creating my vanity

Hi all,

My name is Harshita Negi and I am glad to introduce myself as a makeup artist?

Life was not this way few months back.. I m guilty of being in a rat race once, did MBA??‍♀.

Just to honour the custom lemme take you through my journey from an MBA to a makeup aesthetician.

Believe you me, switching career in India is very challenging but switching from a 9 to 5 lucrative corporate job to a creative field, which you are not linked to, is a different ball game all together. It takes you to a different low both mentally and emotionally. I was good in my corporate job. Have won awards and accolades, got promotion but something was always missing. It felt like I didn’t belong there.

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Giving up who you are today for who you can become tomorrow takes courage, But i guess one needs to take that leap of faith.

For years, I knew i had that creative vein but i was not clear on what I actually want to do. Makeup always excited me but taking it up professionally never occurred to me. Until when i saw people appreciate my make up in work parties and in family functions. It was my trigger. The very next day i put down my resignation got rid of the mundane job to follow my passion.

You can achieve anything if you do it with all your heart and soul.

The step was not well accepted by my family as i come from a typical middle class background who prefers a stable job over any other stint. They definitely were helping me but it was clear in their gestures that this whole episode was nothing more than a big mistake in there eyes.

Making sure that there opinion don’t mess with my decision, prompted me to act quickly. To learn the trick of trait, i joined makeup classes. It definitely helped me to learn jargons of the trait and has helped me sharpen my skills. I am still learning and will keep doing it no matter what, making mistakes amending them, mastering my skills.

Have worked on few brides and the appreciation in their eyes is the best reward and it motivates me to do more. I wish in coming years lot of work pours In.

Yes, I do have some of the ideals in this field as @Leena Bhushan,@Parul Garg, @Guneet Virdi @Paawni Bhel and @Swati Verma but I always try to maintain my own style ‘Harshita’s style’ as it is vital to have one’s signature style that helps one to stand out. The journey from a cubicle to creating my own vanity has been a bumpy yet steady ride.

I strongly believe that you can achieve anything if you do it with all your heart and soul.

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I would like to thank my family for being a constant support, my sister for believing in me and motivating me to do better, last but not the least Deependra who is there with me since when I first thought of doing this, till date…

Harshita Negi

?‍♀️Certified Makeup artist & educator??
?Beauty Esthetician
?DM for Bookings,classes & PR/Collaboration
?Delhi NCR
✈️Travel world wide
??‍?MBA Grad


  • Love it’s all you who have done it. I’m & will always be here for you.
    By doing what you want to do instead of what others want from you, you have been able to inspire others to follow their dreams. Keep rocking.

  • I always appreciate your work and more than that your courage for following your passion. I love the tips and tricks you use in your own style and try to ace every look you create.
    I wish you all the luck because hard work is already in your vanity.
    Keep going and you will surely be someone’s ideal soon.

  • Yes truly its takes lots of courage and conviction to pursue your passion as your profession while leaving a decent job, and it also requires huge amount of dedication to learn the tricks of the trade and keep learning every day.. My sincere salutes to you with lots of love…at last you choose to do something which belongs to you❤?. ??‍♂️??‍♂️????

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